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Fantazia Facts & Figures

A selection of interesting facts from our past.   More to come as we remember them!

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  • Fantazia The Legend Returns in January 2006 was the largest Old Skool event for over 5 years.  5000+ up for it party people
  • FANTAZIA hired Michael Jacksons custom built tour bus for one event
  • The First Taste cover design is based on the inside album cover Complete Madness
  • Fantazia have done 3 tours of Australia


  • Fantazia @ Bowlers sold out within 2 weeks
  • The Big Bang cost over 240k to put on
  • Carl Cox first played Carshalton Hall - the school disco
  • Carl Cox has over 35k records. 1st ever one Diana Ross "Love Handover"
  • Fantazia's dancers also danced on The Word
  • We forgot to put PQ points on the Carl Cox Techno album, Doh!
  • MC MC's real name is Morris and he is from Mauritius, he also danced on The Word
  • The Big Bang used 2x40ft water fountains, giant 170m long stage, 6 lasers, 3 40ft screens, 3 floor dance platforms, 45 dancers and an indoor fairground!  It was the largest indoor rave of its time
  • Summertime caused a 15 miles long tail back on M23, as seen on ITN News at 10
  • Fantazia staged the rave on Inspector Morse
  • Carl Cox says he would pose for Playgirl but it would cost 1m
  • The Showcase featured a giant screen 20m x 30m costing 20k
  • Fantazia have sold over 2 million records worldwide
  • All the Fantazia videos appeared in the Top 10 Chart
  • Cheltenham is a hotbed for dance music promoters. Fantazia, Perception, Incantation,  Mythology, Obsession, Godskitchen, Devotion, Vision & Obsessed,  were all started by people from the town.
  • Mike Cosford aka Mike C is now a Youth Councillor and part time DJ
  • FANTAZIA is from a Greek word
  • Allister Whitehead is a big X Files fan
  • The cover of House Collection 4 featured Jeremy Healy's girlfriend
  • The girl on the House Collection 2 cover is Jo Guest. Many of the other covers have famous models on the to.
  • Fantazia have done overseas tours to USA, Australia (2x), Russia, Latvia, Portugal, Spain & USA.
  • James was only 22 when he founded Fantazia
  • The Big Bang video went to number 2 in the charts, knocking Take That & U2 videos into 3 / 4th
  • The albums product codes were changed with the zeros being dropped due to computer difference when we moved distribution from Pinnacle to Sony Music. So Fanta001 became Fanta1 etc
  • No one is quite sure why there is a gap in the middle of the Fourth Dimension video!
  • Paul Oakenfold was paid 10,000 to Mix House Collection 6
  • Boy Georges first Dance album was Fantazia House Collection 2
  • Fantazia staged the back stage party at Knebworth during Oasis massive concerts.
  • Over 1 million flyers were printed for Fantazia One Step Beyond the UKs largest single arena rave ever.

  • A week before release due to copyright difficulties 2 tracks had to be removed from the album the Jungle Collection.  However a number of unaltered CDs were missed. 
  • James appeared on a Central Weekend debate in 1992, hosted by Nicky Campbell.  Debating the "Evils of Raves".
  • Fantazia were on the voting panel for the Brits Awards
  • House Collection 7 was to have been mixed by Nigel Benn
  • Fantazia album posters were regularly used on the set of Eastenders


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