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DJ Brisk - Profile - Part 1

Who would argue with the fact that DJ Brisk is one of the top re-mixers in the country? Who would argue the fact that he has quickly developed into one of the most in demand DJ's in the country? Just forget about arguing and live with the fact that DJ Brisk is an asset to the scene, and until, or if the scene fades away, he will be there at the top. "Fade away? You're joking!" was the replay from DJ Brisk, real name Paul.

He isn't in two minds about the scene fading away, "it's been here for nearly ten years now and it shall remain for a lot longer. It might undergo variations or transformations but it will stay."

Jt isn't the place to be on a Friday, for this is the DJ's mecca, where all new material is transferred from DAT to acetate (dub plate). Needless to say all the top hardcore DJ's can be found at this North London cutting house. In comes Vinylgroover. Where's Brisk? Next through the door is Sharkey. No sign of Brisk. Then Ramos, Supreme and Marley. Still no Brisk. After nipping out for some light refreshment, Brisk greeted me upon my return, on time, and with simulated oral sex between Sharkey and Ramos taking place in the corner of the room, the interview commenced.

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DJ Brisk's involvement in the scene started in his schooldays where he was listening to artist such as Man Parish, Hashim, Kratwerk, Public Enemy, Ultramagnetis MCs and Big Daddy Kane, but the emphasis was always on dance.  At the tender age of fifteen, the sort of age where most of us were concerned about spots and exams, DJ Brisk staged his first night at a local club in Southampton known as the Escape Club, nowadays known as The Rhino.

"It was a series of events which culminated in where I am today. It wasn't planned as such, but more of myself being sucked into something that I knew I loved", and although Brisk sits happy at the top of his artistic perch, we found it was more difficult than most people would assume.

From The Escape club just around the corner to The Basement, DJ Brisk gained his first residency on a Friday night, and then regional residencies at Brainstorm in Salisbury and Remix in Bournemouth. This domination of the South Coast all started in 1990, so it is a testament to the man that he is where he is today, five years is not a great deal of time for a DJ to make such a mark. "Everything went wrong then. All the clubs started to lose their licenses or change ownership for one reason or another. That interfered with my progress for around eighteen months, and then I landed a booking the legendary Club Kinetic in Stoke On-Trent. Although his first booking at this infamous club was to play in the House room, he was quickly recruited for Hardcore and remained a resident until its closure (by the authorities) in 1996. "From that night everything snowballed. A residency in Stoke, when you live in Southampton is weekly journey of 450 miles alone, so I was piling on the miles but, shit man it was worth every mile!"

DJ Brisk opened his musical doors to Dreamscape at The Sanctuary, his first major event, after playing at Club Kinetic for about a year. Needless to say that one other promoters had heard Brisk play, they were to follow in the footsteps. Thus Helter Skelter, United Dance, Hysteria, Rezerection all jumped on the Brisk boat. When we talk about mixing ability, we often mention Brisk. This is not for no reason at all, for it is my opinion and that of many other DJ's and promoters that DJ Brisk is the finest mixer in the country. Could this be the reason for the speed of his assault into DJ stardom?

It wasn't long before his passport was stamped, flying to Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. Brisk was in demand, and crowds up and down the country, right across the world, were enjoying these unique sounds, the sound of the South Coast genius. Why genius? Ask the same people mentioned above and they will also tell you that Brisk is one of the top re-mixers and producers in the country. His first track was, admittedly, "not very good at all", on Men From Uncle Records which Brisk co-produced with DJ Intense from the Isle Of Wight. "Surprisingly it sold over 2000 copies which was a bit of a shock, because it wasn't that good at all", but as this was his first release his critical comments about himself are rather harsh, but this shows his honesty and integrity, the fact that he can be critical of himself. From these early days he then took the producing route via Remix Records and Kniteforce.

Continued in part 2

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