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DJ Dougal Profile

DJ Dougal (Paul Clarke) has been one of the worlds leading hardcore DJ's and producers for the last decade and has been voted the number one hardcore DJ by MTV and Dreamscape. DJ Dougal's style is a mixture of euphoric hardcore with uplifting vocals along with a deep experimental edge.

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Day with Dougal

DJ Dougal's successful label (Essential Platinum) with over 100 releases has been voted top hardcore label many times over the years.

The Hardcore scene has taken DJ Dougal to nearly all of the major cities in the world, with his biggest crowd being Mayday in Germany playing to over 40,000 people. His favourite destination is Japan.

Ministry of Sound have just signed DJ Dougal to mix a TV advertised Hardcore album after his success with the 'Bonkers' series from React, two albums of which went silver, one has gone gold.

Dougal has just collaborated with Darren Styles, producing their new single 'Love of My Life' which has just been signed to a major record label and is set to be another top 10 hit.


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DJ Dougal appeared at:

Fantazia Circus Circus

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