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Human Resource - Interview 1993

Remember “Dominator”. Probably, it was a blinding tune. Well the guys behind it, Human Resource, flew into Heathrow this morning (12/2/93) from their home country Holland, drove up to Camden and gave us an exclusive interview before shooting up to Vision event. The boys have established themselves as world known artists within techno. Here’s how it goes…

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Who are Human Resource’s?
There’s Robert, Jasper, Guido, Marvin D and Edwin the Manager.

How long have you been together now?
We’ve been playing together now for about two and a half years now.

How many records have you released in that time?
We have released many records under the name of Human Resource, we also record under various other names.

What is the biggest hit you have had to date?
“Dominator” this was a hit worldwide for us. Our new single at the moment is call “I’m not a number” and it’s been released under the bands name of “Source Codes”. It’s a big club hit in Holland as well the States. We are hoping to release it here in England in the very near future, but first we must get a distribution deal.

When you released “Dominator” in the UK we heard a rumour that you got ripped off, can you tell us anything about that?
Yes the record company who licensed this record never paid us anything at all. The record sold 105,000 copies in the UK. We used a record company called “Rhythm King” who apparently went bankrupt after selling our records before paying us. We have phoned them on many occasions posing as a different group, asking them if they would be interested in releasing a single in the UK and they have been too pleased to act for us. So you see this company really f**ked us and that is why we have started our own record label called “Knor”. We hop this will stop us getting screwed again.

How long does it take to produce a track?
This changes with individual tracks, basically we spend most of our time mixing in the studio. The ideas that we have are usually set up fairly easily but it can take up to two days just on the mixing.

What’s the Dutch Rave scene like at the moment?
It is really happening in Holland at the moment. The scene is strong around Rotterdam where they play “Hubba Music”, which is hard techno. Hubba in Dutch means pal. The name Hubba originated from a music shop when a guy said “Yo hubba, give me a ticket for that rave party” and it just started from there. In Amsterdam it’s more rhythmic, melody and slow grooves. The Rotterdam sound is spreading like a disease in Europe and the States, it’s very big. Hopefully this disease will spread to the UK very soon.

At this point we left Human Resource to go and get some shut eye, but we caught up with them at Vision, they were rocking the place. Let’s ask some more questions:-

Were you pleased with the way it went tonight?
It was brilliant, we really loved the crowd.

When will you be coming back to the UK?
Hopefully we will be at the next Vision in the near future.

Published with the permission of Blaze



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