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Hyperbass - Exclusive Fantazia Interview 2005

As you all know Hyperbass will be making a PA at Fantazia Braehead (Arena 1) and The Doctor will be doing a separate DJ set in Arena 2. I caught up with guys to find out what they’ve been up to, and their thoughts on the new Fantazia event.......

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Bex : Right, so the members are?
MC Korrupt : Copey (David Copland, producer & writer) The Doctor (Gordon Hotchkiss, keyboards and writer) and MC Korrupt (Stef Mclean)

Bex : How did you guys all meet
Copey : I think the 1st time I met Stef was when I was at a gig with Scott Brown
kinda got to know him through various gigs

Korrupt : Yeah, God help us!!

Copey : The Doctor, was through Scott too, the 3 of us go all over the place together, I decided I was going to do the pa again, I didn’t want to do it myself, so asked him if he wanted to come into studio for future tunes & play keyboards when we play live.

Copey: How did we meet Stef? Can’t remember!!

MC Korrupt : errrmm

Copey : He just kind of appeared, ha ha

MC Korrupt : Was through Scott, I was at a gig with Marc Smith, if I remember, cant actually remember what gig it was, but I was MCing and Copey said he liked what he heard and asked me if I wanted to mc for Hyperbass

Copey (left) The Doctor (right)

Bex : Were you a DJ before Copey?
Copey : No, my DJing is as good as Stef and The Doctors choice of football teams, although I did stop producing for a while between 98 – 03

(At this point they randomly start arguing about Celtic & rangers which is rather amusing!!)

Bex : How would you describe your sound?
Copey : UK Hardcore & Nu Style Gabba

MC Korrupt : Full of energy

Bex : So what have you all been up to recently?
Copey : I recently moved 200 miles from my home town to a place called Forres..

MC Korrupt : Sheepland!

Copey : And I have been writing some new material with a live singer. And thedoctor, is currently playing in almost every major hardcore event down south

Bex : How long has the Doctor been DJing?
Copey : erm, a long time, not sure, over 10 years anyway

MC Korrupt : I have been MCing at various parties around Scotland and northern England; I’ve a residency at Back to the future for over a year now.
MC Korrupt

Bex : So Copey, you actually write music rather than just put a tune together?
Copey : yes & no, when writing, I normally find a sample or acapella that I want to use and then, write the riffs around that, occasionally, I will write a riff & then, add as I go along.

Bex : Do you play south of the border and if so, how does it compare to the Scottish scene?
Copey : I have not played yet, will be playing places like HTID soon, however have travelled around the UK & Europe with Scott Brown.

MC Korrupt : Same here, but with Marc Smith.

MC Korrupt : but the atmosphere up here is electric, so up for it!

Bex : What other DJ's/MC's do you rate past and present?
MC Korrupt : May I??

Copey : At the moment I rate Scott Brown & Hixxy, in the past....Scott Brown, Paul Elstack

MC Korrupt : Marc Smith does it for me like

Copey : There's loads of DJ's I rate, far too many to mention, but they 2 deserve praise for their other involvement in the scene

MC Korrupt : Their contribution to the scene has been 2nd to none.

Bex : What’s your favourite tunes?
Copey : Of mine? or of anyone?

Bex : Both
Copey : Ok, of mine, it is probably "I Became Hardcore"

MC Korrupt : Hyperbass - Hyperbass Anthem 2005

Copey : Bestest ever is "Diss Reaction - Jieeehaaaa" still does it for me

MC Korrupt : Mine has to be "Echoplex" - Marc Smith

Copey : Incidentally, Stef's choice of HB anthem, the original was based on Jieeehaa, although I couldn’t quite get the sound I was looking for, still turned out great though haha

MC Korrupt : The tune has turned out amazing, hot stuff up here! People are screaming for it!

Bex : Ok, worst tune?
MC Korrupt : hmmmmmm….need to b careful, don’t wanna hurt anyones feelings ha ha!!

Copey : This is hard!!! ha ha

MC Korrupt : It is!!! Damn u Bex!!

Bex : ( Oooops!!)
Copey : Anything by Justin Hawkins & the Darkness!! Hardcore........erm...

Copey : ………………………………….. Ah...Rabs' Wonderwall!!!!

MC Korrupt : I agree with Copey, that was shocking!

Bex : What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at an event?
MC Korrupt : erm

Copey : Where do I start?!

MC Korrupt : Let me!! Ha ha

Copey : Not Colours!!!

MC Korrupt : Aye!

Copey : Ok, You do Colours then, I'll tell another..

Copey : It mostly involves getting extremely drunk, haha, which is every gig..

MC Korrupt : We were at Colourfest in Braehead arena in Glasgow back in June 2005, and Copey decided to go for the title of voddie king, Scott had brought a bottle of black vodka to the gig and we started swigging it behind the decks, well, I say swigging...more like Copey was eating the bottle, anyways..

Copey : anyways.......the end!

MC Korrupt : He got so severely pissed that he got everyone who was backstage booted out, reason for it….nearly knocked over the projectors and screen…haha…later on we found him in a state in the backstage corridor hahaha….he didn’t even know his name never mind know where he was! I got pulled up about it at the next Back to the Future event in the Carling Academy, Glasgow

Copy : Oh man, R@TT!!!

MC Korrupt : R@TT was awesome

Copey : Another gig at a place called Room At The Top, we found a fridge backstage full of baguettes, so had some random fun with them, anyways, some of the DJ's never turned up, so Scott played for like 3 hours, at the end, when he was getting paid, the bouncers attacked him & flung him out! So the place got kind of rock n roll trashed…

MC Korrupt : I took a pic of Copey sitting in a freezer, ha ha

Bex : Got the picture?
MC Korrupt : No, I’m sure Scott will have it…

Copy : Trouble with playing for cowboy promoters

MC Korrupt : deffo..

Copey : Another reason why Fantazia coming back is gooooooooooooood!!!

Bex : What are your fav promoters?
MC Korrupt : Has to be Colours up here in Scotland, they run the BTTF events up here.

Copey : In Scotland, Colours who do BTTF & Rebirth Vs Addiction, England is Hardcore Till I Die, & Slammin Vinyl

Copey : Abroad, Masters of Hardcore

MC Korrupt : I haven’t had the honour of partying abroad yet, with the PA we'll get some overseas bookings

Copey : Spain, big market for our sound out there

Bex : So your future plans are??
MC Korrupt : to rip up dancefloors throughout the EU… and beyond

Copey : Release some more records, drink, PA as much as possible, drink

Bex : How far have you got in the charts so far?
MC Korrupt : 'I Became Hardcore' did well in England

Copey : Our last single went to number 71 in the full UK charts, how funny dance charts I’m not sure...never done commercial enough tunes, bearing in mind tunes are released on a non commercial label

Bex : So you’re looking forward to playing Fantazia Braehead?
Copey : Can't wait, it be will the best thing to happen within the Scottish scene for quite some time, hopefully, the scene will continue to grow & we will have more events like this

MC Korrupt : I think the Fantazia gig is what the scene has needed up here, I remember the last one…AWESOME!

Copey : Yeah, it has needed a big event, Colourfest is good, but the main arena is not hardcore

Copey : Everything will be different, music to atmosphere; venue has a good chance of being different too

MC Korrupt : Wait till you see Braehead Bex

Copey : Main arena is awesome, cant wait to see what Fantazia do with it!

MC Korrupt : And I’ll be wearing a kilt! Muhahahahaha!

Bex : Right, so anything else you want to say? And any shouts?
Copey : Yeah!! Bring on Fantazia!!!!

MC Korrupt : Took the words rite outta my mouth

Copey : Shout out's, far too many but they ALL know who they are

MC Korrupt : Knows it!!! Biggups to all the ravers all over the world, we’re comin to get ya!!

Bex : See you all in January!!
Interview conducted by Bex
(Copyright Fantazia 2005)

Discography :

Bass Invasion (12") Twisted Vinyl
Terminal Velocity (12") Evolution Gold
We're Droppin' This (12") Evolution Plus
Co-production: Hardwired (2xCD)
I Became Hardcore Evolution Records
Tracks Appear On:
A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 6 - The Ultimate Hardcore Compilation (2xCD) Generator (Scott Brown... Rotterdam Records
Gabbafreaks - Survival Of The Hardest (CD) Terminal V Streetru
I became Hardcore - Evolution Records

+ loads of other complation things that are not on there


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