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MC Casper

MC Casper has been around on the scene since around 2000.   He has worked with most of the Hardcore scenes biggest MCs & DJs and has recorded the vocals for a number of tunes, including stuff for Next Generation Records artist Vagabond / Euporia. 

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He also have residencies for Destiny, Fusion, Electrik, Experi-Mental & Oblivion & occasional performance for Hardcore Heaven, Vibelite and soon HTiD.

MC Casper's own words

I'm known as Casper, I mc to Hardcore and Oldskool @ various raves/clubs across the UK (England, Wales & Scotland) and Europe (Germany/Holland) and have been doing so since the end of 2000. Over the years I have worked with all the top DJ's & MC's in the hardcore scene and have been spending a lot of time in the studio having my vocals recorded for various tunes.

When I first started mc'ing I used to travel about with DJ Devastate and mc alongside him. I also used to work in Partnership with DJ's Jedi & Stormtrooper playing Oldskool sets around the UK and run a night called Friction.

I am currently pushing my MC work as I want to be working for all the major promoters of dance events. I am currently with Next Generation Records/Blatant Beats, mainly recording vocals for V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. / Euphoria. I also like to help out with some of the nights in my home town, Experi-Mental & the long running Destiny.

2006 has seen me perform in Live PA's for V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. with MC Wotsee & Tess to packed arena's at Hardcore Heaven @ KoKo (london) and Summer Sensation @ Leicester Uni. I have also made a guest appearance to MC for Hyperbass @ Fantazia in january. I was voted the Best Breakthrough MC 2006 ib the Hardcore Heaven Awards at SLammin Vinyl's West, I am so happy to have won!

I have previously been featured on 2 tracks that were on Bonkerz 13, I have also been on 5 tracks on Next Generation/Blatant Beats Vol 2 album & several tracks on Next Generation/Blatant Beats Vol 3, including "In your life" & "Reminisce". Also Hardcore Heaven Album - Brisk's Mix... Euphoria & MC Casper - "Drunk with Love", Vagabond - "Dance Floor Innovators".

The Organ Donars (Nukleuz) have also sampled me on "Turntablizm" featured on the album - Plastic Surgeons.

I have also featured on some Tracks from Robbie Long & Stormtrooper, namely "Reminisce" on Hardcore Nation 2.... Robbie long also used some samples of my vocals to scratch on the album!

I have mc'd for many promoters/organisations over the years including:

Slammin Vinyl,
Hardcore Heaven Vs Slinky,
Hardcore Heaven Weekender 2,
Tidy @ Magna 7,
Tidy Weekenders (next generation arena resident),
Tasty (resident),
Love Musik,
HTID @ Helter Skelter Life,
Fantazia "the Big Bang 2",
Experi-Mental (resident),
Fusion (resident),
Digital Circus (Fusion vs HTID),
Addiction Vs Re:Birth,
Future Dance (resident),
Destiny (resident),
GBH (resident),
Delerium (resident),
Hardcore Heaven Vs GBH,
Oblivion (resident),
Electrik (resident),
Cybrationz (resident),
Friction (resident),
Sonic (resident),
Atomic (resident),
Audio (resident),
Hardcore Mental,
Fruit Club,
Strictly Hardcore,
Total Hypnosis,
Old And Proper,
Resonance (resident),
Heavyweight Soundz,
Wonkey Eye,
BPM plus more....

I have also done a few radio shows -
K1FM (local radio)
Dream FM (pirate)
Nu Energy 99.9FM (pirate)
Monday Madness (internet radio)

P.S. If you want to hear me check out the Robbie Long mix from the Tidy Weekender 7.... I'm also on the Brisk and Hixxy sets. Http://www.nextgenerationrecords.co.uk/djmixes.cfm
OR alternatively any of the Hardcore Heaven Vs Slinky Tape Packs.


Casper :-D


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