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Fearless, a name synonymous to every jungle and drum “n” bass enthusiast across the land. Fearless, from a very young age, was exposed to music such as Reggae and the sixties style which his father would play. He grew up listening to such sounds and still listens to them today, but where dance music is concerned his first taste was the Old skool hip-hop sound listening to the likes of Grandmaster Flash etc. He avidly listens to and supported Hip-Hop and as the progression in dance music came about he was introduced by friends to the sounds of Acid House.

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The MCing evolved much earlier as he used to be actively involved in the sound system circuit MCing to Raga and Rera Groove. After he first heard Acid House Fearless connected to a DJ outfit called the brainkillers and another DJ called the the Red Ant who had their own show on a pirate radio station called innocent FM where he began to MC for the DJ’s on the station.

Innocent FM went under. From that point he moved and joined the legendary weekend Rush FM; this was also the station which built the one time rookie MC and put him on the path to success. 1989 was the yeas he took his MCing to another level. He was at a club called Slammers in Gravesend, a Time Tunnel event, and he met the DJ who was going to be a great influence in his career- the King of Jungle, the man like Kenny Ken.

They went on to becoming very good friends. Kenny would ring Fearless when he wasn’t working and he would take Fearless along to bookings on the weekends, this is where Fearless really Broke through. He began to MC at every event Kenny Ken would DJ at, this gained Fearless a certain amount of recognition and was also the opportunity for him to get his foot into the door of AWOL.

He eventually went on to getting himself bookings and his ties were cut so much with Kenny that they would hardly see together and Fearless was a name I Bass flyer. Fearless was now on the move. When he first began to MC to the sounds of Acid House and what I would refer to as real Hardcore , Old skool style, why did he take the Drum “n” Bass route when the music was progressing into different forms and variations? “I guess because of my love for reggae and Hip-Hop.

The beats, there’s loads of those elements in Drum “n” Bass and the appealed to me. In the beginning when the scene first started to split I also did MC to Happy Hardcore a lot but Drum “n” Bass is my thing, It’s in my blood it’s what I love MCing to, as well as Hip-Hop, of course”.

Fearless was an MC who came through in his scene had been doing it a lot longer than him. Who does he respect? “CQ”, without hesitation, “ his voices, it just hooks you in”, he continues, “Stevie Hyper D also. People say he MC’s too much but I think the scene wouldn’t be the same applies to many other artists working hard within Drum “n” Bass. I like a lot of MCs out there.

You get some who haven’t got a clue but for those who Have been doing it seriously for the last three or four years , they are all really good and just keep getting better all the time”. Fearless believes that a good MC is one who can work with DJ, one who knows when to stop at the right time and when commence”.

Fearless speaks of his love for Drum “n” Bass but what is it that he enjoys most about the scene and more importantly what is Fearless all about? “I love the atmosphere of a kicking party. From when I am buzzing. I love seeing people having a good time and that’s what I like about it so much. Lyrically on the m…i…c…I chat on a constructive tip, nothing but positive vibes to enhance the dance and most important, I chat sense and not nonsense. I preach the word of peace… forget wants to say is “for those who want to party, let’s get on and party, that’s what I’m about”.

As he briefly mentioned the violence and that he implements the vibes of peace, love and unity in his MCing I asked about the violent interlude which almost wiped out the Drum “n” Bass scene. “Jungle/Drum “n” Bass is a ghetto sound and it attracted and appealed to ghetto masses. In the ghettos of every city you have little crews. All of which like music, but not all get on, and when one crew conflict will occur, Friction, Fights will break out and this violent element went to the extreme to the point where I heard gunshots outside one venue and at one point I almost gave it all up.

It just didn’t seem worth it as trouble at Drum “n” Bass events was kicking off everywhere. It was as if the scene was had, fortunately things have changes not, because of the music I guess progressing and the people who have followed it from the time have also progressed and the peaceful vibe of now is how I want it to stay. I don’t need no violent shit, I’ve got a women and two young boys, I don’t need that shit anymore”.

Forward ever, backward never, Fearless got through the rough and rugged patch of violence in the club scene and Fearless got back to doing what he does best, and that is to rock dance. He continued to MC at many big events such ad Dreamscape and world Dance where he basically lives.


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