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DJ Mikey B Interview

Welcome MC/DJ/Promter Mikey B. Not to be confused with Mikey B of Top Buzz.   Mikey B is a long time player in the scene as a DJ who was massive in the North and Scotland, MC'ed with Dream Frequency and also was the promoter of the Dance Concept series of parties.

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What age are you and how long have you been involved in the scene?
I am to old to remember and still to young enough to care....lol....but I have been involved in DJin since 1984.

Were you a DJ or MC first?

How did you get MC'ing with Dream Frequency?
I Cant remember,  I think I was introduced to them once and then me and Ian got talking and the rest....as they say is history.

What was your first event ?
Cant remember that one!!!

What promoters have you played for?
Amnesia House, Awesome 101, Dance Concept, Dance Planet, Dance Trance, Fantazia, Melt Down, Rezerection, Galactica, Dreamscape, Venue 44, Eclipse, Club Kinetic, Raindance, Energy and United Dance to name a few!!!

What's the biggest and best events you've played?
Galactica - Scarborough Spa! Rezerection - Hogmany, Fantazia - SECC,
ES Paradis -  IBIZA,  Amnesia House, Milton Keynes Bowl,  Raindance - Barking, Dance Concept - Fubar, Judgement Day - Newcastle and definitely not forgetting Club Kinetic - Stoke on Trent

Who is your favourite promoter?
Don't have one!

What DJ and MC's do you rate?
Been in this industry since 1984, this is far to big a question to answer

And what about the PA's?
A bit easier:  Prodigy, Shades of Rhythm, Dream Frequency, The Chemical Brothers, Ultrasonic, Baby D & Orbital.

You recently played at a Rezerection revival night up in Scotland, what
else have you been up to?

Wasn't a Rez revival, just a Rez forum meet and it was mint - very like how things were around 1993....  I now have a show on Galaxy FM doing Hip Hop & RNB and a regular dance night that I have had for 8 years at Durham University,  and a provisional show with ITV lined up for the future....

All the best Mikey B

PS:- Kick James (Fantazia) and tell him I said hi if you see him!

Interview conducted by Fastbuck

DJ Mikey B's links to Fantazia

Mikey B played at:

Fantazia The Big Bang

His set from this event can be purchased here

He is also interviewed in length on the Unedited DVD footage from Fantazia @ Fubar


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