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DJ Seduction Profile

DJ Seduction's real name is John Kalkan he originally was a Hip Hop and Soul DJ and change in the late 80's after hearing the new Acid House music.    Seduction would regularly watch big name DJs like Carl Cox and Grooverider perform and this inspired him to start practising to become a DJ.

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Seduction Interview 2006

Seductions first performances were at small warehouse parties in South London.    In 1991 in with the rise of the second wave of the rave scene he got his first breakthrough.   he produced the track "Hardcore Heaven" originally as a white label which was signed up to the massive record label FFRR and become a great success.

More tracks followed later in 1992,  including the release of "Come One" with a remix of "Hardcore Heaven" on the reverse.      Following signing by Carl Cox's DJ agency Seduction received many DJ booking during the period and these included many of the biggest raves,  like Fantazia, Dreamscape and Perception.  

At the end of 1992 DJ Seduction form his own label called "Impact" and has released many records through this label and many others,  a selection of which are listed at the end of this section.    On top of his own material DJ Seduction performed many remixes of some of the scenes biggest records as well as DJing on some full album releases. 

With the split of the scene and the end of 1993 Seduction experiment on his style before deciding to concentrate on Happy Hardcore.    Not content with just DJing and record releases Seduction formed United Dance and Hardcore Heaven and started staging many of his own large scale parties which were 100% Hardcore drawing crowds from as far a field as the Channel Islands.

For a while Seduction was away from the scene for a number of years stating the stress of racing up and down the country DJing, promoting, releasing records and staying up all night in studios had taken their toll (and who can blame him).

Seduction now feels totally revived and he aims to put his efforts into making the scene as strong as ever.   His main effort are in promoting the Uproar events including Hardcore Euphoria in March of this year and an event at the Brunel Rooms in Swindon.

20 things you may not have known about…  DJ Seduction

What is your real name and age?
My name is John and I am 25.

Why are you called Seduction?
When I first got into DJ’ing professionally I didn’t have a name, but I was always playing a tune called ‘Seduction’. So an old friend of mine said why not call yourself DJ Seduction, so I did and here I am.

Do you have any nicknames?
Yes, funnily enough I have a couple. One of them is ‘Sedders’ and the other one is ‘The Sex God’, which was sadly give to me by Terry Turbo (from The Scene Magazine), don’t ask me why!

How long have you been a DJ?
I have been DJ’ing for about ten years, but seven years professionally.

What was your previous occupation before becoming a full time DJ?
I used to be a Postman. However playing out on a Friday night and going straight to work Saturday morning was too much, and I was just knackered out all the time. So I knocked it on the head, and concentrated on DJ’ing.

What else do you do apart from DJ’ing?
I run my own 4-beat label called Impact Records. This has been up and running for about four years and we are now on our 46th release. I am regularly in the studio producing and engineering. Also I started promoting Hardcore Heaven, then teamed up with Chris (Eruption) to put on United Dance all last year. No I’m going solo to concentrate on putting on bigger Hardcore Heaven parties.

How did you get into the scene?
I used to be a nutty raver when the scene first began, going out abusing my brain cells every week. Then things just developed from there. As you become older you tend to calm down more, so now I am not quite as nutty!

Any plans for the future?
Ideally I want to carry on DJ’ing as it is what I love and enjoy doing. I want to keep Impact Records going strong, releasing top quality tunes. But I really want to make Hardcore Heaven a successful and popular dance organisation. Hardcore Heaven used to attract about 1,300 people at the The Rhythm Station but I want to go to The Sanctuary and produce the same quality parties but on a larger scale.

What do you think of the scene at the moment?
Personally I think the scene is really good at the moment, I like the way the Hardcore scene is still underground and hasn’t been commercialised. It would be great if there were a few more bigger events, but this is hard due to the strict licensing laws.

How many plays do you average on a weekend?
Normally anything from 3-8 times a weekend, but it varies depending on how many parties are occurring that week. Some weeks are busier than others.

What were your worst and funniest experiences?
It has to be when half way through my set at Hardcore Heaven, a Policewoman came on stage and made me stop the music. Then she whacked her tits in my face and stripped off in front of 1,100 people. It was arranged by Chris (United Dance) as a Birthday treat. I wouldn’t have minded but she was a monster.

Have you, or would you play on any pirate radio stations?
I used to play on Sunrise FM many years ago and I once owned a station called Future FM. However this was short lived, as it was too time consuming and too risky!

Have you DJ’d abroad?
Yes, I have played in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Miami, the Bahamas, Ibiza and Australia. I have some more plans to play abroad in 1996. The rave scene is worldwide and not just concentrated in the UK so my job takes me everywhere!

What other types of music do you listen to except Hardcore/4-beat?
I also like listening to Hard House, Drum ‘n’ Bass and a bit of old Hip-Hop and Soul. I like listening to practically any type of dance music that is well produced.

What promoters are tearing the scene apart and giving ravers value for money?
World Dance, United Dance, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter to name a few. Also watch out for Hardcore Heaven. I rate any promoter who gives value for money at the end of the day, which is something I want to do with Hardcore Heaven.

What DJ’s/MC’s do you rate?
Obviously I rate Slipmatt and Sy, they’re both good and have been doing it professionally for years. But there is a lot of new talent on the scene at the moment and I don’t want to single anybody out, as there are too many to mention. As for MC’s, I rate any MC that doesn’t over power the music. It takes a lot of bottle to chat in front of loads of people.

Do you think that rave promoters should give more space for the up and coming DJ’s?
Yes, I do, but this is a catch 22 situation for an up and coming DJ or MC. Because it is bigger names which pull the crowd, so it’s a lot harder for a promoter to book unknown DJ’s or MC’s. But none should give up hope, as there is always the odd exception.

What advice to you have for up and coming DJ’s and MC’s?
Basically believe in yourself and stick with it. Send demos and keep in contact with promoters, if you stand out from the rest you will be noticed.

DJ Seduction Discography

Everybody / Got The Music (12") Impact
Hardcore Heaven (12") Old Skool
So In Love / On My Own (Remixes) (12") Legendary Music
Bleep Bleep Mash Mash (12") C.T. Records
Can You Feel It (12") Impact
Come On (12") Ffrreedom
Come On / Hardcore Heaven (CD) Ffrreedom
Cuckoo In The Jungle EP (12") Impact
Hardcore Heaven (12") FFRR
Hardcore Heaven (12") FFRR
Hardcore Heaven / You And Me (Cassette Single) Ffrreedom
Hardcore Heaven / You And Me (7") Ffrreedom
Hardcore Heaven / You And Me (CD5") Ffrreedom
Hardcore Heaven / You And Me (12") Ffrreedom
Let The Rhythm Take Control (12") Impact
Live Together (SL2 Remix) (12") Impact
My Own / Higher Now (12") Impact
Sub Dub (12") Impact
Sub Dub / You Can Dance (12") Impact
Do This Right (Up North Mix) (12") Impact
Feel So Good / Solid Bass (12") Obscure Records (2)
Pure Delight / Tonight (12") Obscure Records (2)
Tech-noid / The Twist (12") Impact
Drop The Bass (12") Impact
Higher Now (Remix) (12") Impact
My Own (DJ Slipmatt Remix) (12") Impact
So In Love (12") Impact
Disco Hardcore (12") Impact
Imagination (12") Impact
Itch It Up / Samplemania (12") Impact
Step To The Side (12") Impact
Dance Planet Retro Mixes (Volume 1) (Cassette) Dance Planet
Hardcore Heaven Vol. 2 Promo (Cassette) M8 Magazine
In The Mix (Brisk Remix) (12") Impact
My Own (DJ Ham Remix) (12") Impact
Never Let You Go (12") Impact
Leaving The World Behind (12") Hardcore Heaven
Remixes (12") Impact
Sub Dub (DJ Storm Remix) (12") Impact
Leaving The World Behind (DJ Ham Remix) (12") Impact
Hardcore Heaven (12") Impact
Rhythm Take Control (12") Impact
Live Together (Remix) / Can You Feel It (12") Impact
Live Together / Is This Real (12") Impact
Sub Dub (12") Impact
Cross The Fader / Bust Like This (12") Maximum Impact
Hardcore Heaven / You And Me (12") Impact
My Own / Higher Now (12") Impact

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