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DJ Seduction - Fantazia Exclusive Interview 2006

What or who made you decide you wanted to be a dj? And if you weren't a dj what would you have been?
I was lucky because I naturally knew how to mix 2 records together. This was the main reason I decided to be a DJ. If I wasn't a dj I would have been a dustman

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How and when did you get your 1st big break? Where was your 1st gig?
My first break was at The Dungeons in London. I was on a pirate radio station at the time and that's how I got the gig.

What do you think sets you apart from other dj's?
I would like to think it's because I have my own style and I only play tunes that I would want to hear if I was on the dance floor.

How big is your vinyl collection? And what is your most prized piece of vinyl?
My vinyl collection takes up the whole loft. They are all prized as they bring back different memories of sets played over the years.

Top 5 favourite tunes?
To answer this question properly would take way to much thought so will just say to many to mention.

The tune you hate the most?
Would rather not say as the person who wrote it is a mate.

Which of your own tracks are you most proud of?
Hardcore Heaven due to it's un-expected success.

What has been your best djing experience?
Playing at the massive events in the early nineties, Vision, Fantazia, Perception to name but a few. I enjoy pretty much all my gigs but those ones stand out due to the huge capacity of the events.

What is the funniest thing you've seen at a rave? Or what has happened to you, any embarrassing moments?
Had a stripper for my birthday while I was half way through my set. I really thought she was a copper coming to stop the rave, then she got her tits out and rubbed them in my face. Very embarrassing! (I loved it really)

MC's......love them or hate them?
Depends on the MC.

Favourite promoter? (Apart from yourself!)
I don't have a favourite. I know how stressful it is being a promoter so I take my hat off to anyone that's willing to try it.

Happy or OldSkool Hardcore?

What have you been up to recently? How's things going with Uproar..?
I have been in the studio loads recently producing tracks for my label and a new compilation I am mixing. Uproar is going amazingly well. The last 3 have completely sold out.

As a promoter yourself now, what do you think the crowds want to see, how do you decide the lineups?
Primarily the crowds want to see the biggest and best dj's & mc's no matter what. Also some fresh newer artists that are breaking through. I always bare these in mind when doing line-ups.

What do you think about Fantazia's return?
I think it's all gravy.

You played at many Fantazia events, what are your memories of Djing for Fantazia back then?
I only have good memories of playing at Fantazia.  One that sticks out the most was an outdoor event. I think it was at Littlecote if my memory serves me correct. Really enjoyed that night.

What does the future hold for Dj Seduction?
Don't know. Let me look into my crystal ball!

How would you like to be remembered?
As someone who won't be forgotten!

Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?
I know this is really generic, but I would like to say a big shout to everyone that knows me. Also a big shout to everyone who has supported me over the years. Peace!

Interview conducted by Bex for Fantazia 2006

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