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DJ Slipmatt or Matthew Nelson to use his real name, has DJed in the Acid House / Rave scene since 1989.   His brother is Richard from old skool veterans Raindance, and it is he who gave Slipmatt his first break. 

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From there he, Slipmatt, went on to play at Club Kinetic, Elation, Die Hard, Dance Paradise, Dreamscape, Fantazia and many more.     At the same time Slipmatt successfully tried his hand a music producing,  teaming up with fellow Essex DJ, DJ Lime to form SL2 (named after the Turntables, model SL1200).   They had a massive old skool hit with "On a Ragga Tip" which reach number 2 in the charts. 

DJ Slipmatt also owns records company "Universal" (not the major) which releases Piano Melody type anthems of an uplifting nature.  He also part owns "Awesome" Records with DJ Lime.    Excellent releases include "Is Anybody Out There?" in collaboration with DJ Ham and the remix of "you're Mine" by DJ Chewy.      Slipmatt also releases Hardcore Anthems under the alias of SMD (standing for SlipMatt Dub's).    He has also A&Red for XL Recording for their sub label First Recordings  which have released remixes of 'On A Ragga Tip' in 1997.

Still DJing, Slipmatt, now predominantly plays Happy Hardcore and plays the big events  like Helter Skelter, Dreamscape, Raindance etc.    When asked his music policy he says simply, "I play to the crowd".

DJ Slipmatt - Profile 2

Profile provided by Slidingdoors PR

Matthew Nelson aka the legendary Slipmatt, the Godfather of rave. Unquestionably one of the fore fathers of the scene, crowned by clubbers and industry movers alike, when he was awarded by Kiss FM for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’. Matt’s reign over the scene has been long but arduous, a testing but rewarding journey through one of the most exciting industries in the world. The high points of which have taken him all over the world, mixing and spinning over every continent, and nationwide all over the UK, and have ensured that he was of the UKs busiest and well respected DJs.

With a strong passion for music evident even from the of 18 months, by 10 the vinyl had already grabbed Matt’s attention and he found his home behind the decks, soon DJing at private parties! Amazingly at the age of 12, Matt donned his production hat and began playing about with bits of music, sampling and creating his first track on 4 track! After getting further into the music and acquiring a set of Technics 1200 mk II, he spent every hour learning to mix and scratch, at that time Matt’s flava being Hip Hop, he also entered the legendary DMC mixing competition alongside greats such as Carl Cox.

In 1986 Matt discovered House music, and with this new musical passion in 1988 he began to create and blend Acid House with Hip Hop. Matt’s desire for music at this point only growing stronger and alongside musical colleague DJ Lime and a few other friends, found their voice on the airways, setting up the infamous pirate station Raw FM.

In 1989 he and DJ Lime joined forces as the notorious production duo SL2, and their first release was born Do that Dance on B/WARE Records. This was the beginning of a particularly successful musical partnership. Also in 1989 Matt landed his first major gig at the renowned Raindance parties, this was the rocket launcher for his career after which bookings soon flooded in. He went on to conquer yet also helped to create many of the massive and now legendary clubs such as Club Kinetic, Die Hard, Fantasia, Rhythm Section, Dance Paradise, Elevation, Dreamscape, Temptation to name but a few.

As Matt’s DJ diary was filling up so was his discography, after the success of his first production, and the advent of their new label Awesome Records in 1990, Slipmatt and DJ Lime gave the label a suitable christening with The Noise/Bassquake which sold an amazing 3500 units in the underground market. This release gained the SL2 duo the attention of XL Recordings, pushing the next release DJs Take Control/Way In My Brain to number 11 in the national charts! Matt went on to experience untold successes as SL2 with the legendary On a Ragga Tip which hit the national charts in April 1992, settling at a highly respectable number 2 and achieved the number 1 top spot in the network charts, staying in the top 7 for an incredible eight weeks. This propelled Matt and partner DJ Lime into the media spotlight, with several television appearances including the hall of fame; Top of The Pops on a couple of occasions. Their chart success continued, when they released a remix of ‘Way in my Brain’ coupled with ‘Drumbeats’ on the flipside, which settled at number 28 in the charts.

In 1993, the whole scene began to change, with rave splitting into different generic variations, with Hardcore rising. Matt took set to set to lead the hardcore route and took the reigns of hardcore path, playing dark jungle fused with hardcore. Slipmatt and Lime decided to put a hold on the SL2 project, while Matt concentrated on shaping and creating his specific style of Hardcore. Lime carried with Awesome while Matt set up a new project with the SMD series. The first release SMD#1 sold nearly 10,000 units, pushing a new style happy hardcore sound. He followed this up with a further 5 instalments in the series along with a CD compilation of the singles. Also in 1993 Matt released the only track to be on Awesome under his Slipmatt title, this was the last Jungle/Hardcore cross over track released that bridged their ever increasing generic gap, and again sold a staggering 10,000 units. It soon became evident that Matt had to make a choice between styles, he successfully took the hardcore route.

A new label Universal was launched in the beginning of 1995, mainly created for Hardcore releases with artists such as Hixxy, Sy & Unknown, Force & Styles, Ham and DJ Demo. Slipmatt went on to compile a CD for Kickin Records, a label established since 1989, having featured other top artists such as Juan Atkins, Josh Wink, Masters at Work and Roger Sanchez. 1997 Matt remixed ‘On a Ragga Tip’ with a massive Slipmatt remix, accompanied by a Force & Styles mix and a Goodfellas remix, the track again checked in at number 32 in the national charts! In 2000 Slipmatt extended his talents to presenting his own radio show on Kiss 100, which he shared with only a handful of others such as Hixxy, Dougal and Sharkey, pushing their sound across the airways to a vast audience and supporting their scene. To date Matt’s work has not gone unnoticed by his adoring fan base, and many of those involved within the scene, some achievements are undeniable, with Slipmatt becoming a household name! Both Dream Magazine and M8, voted him ‘Best DJ’, with a nomination for the title against extreme international competition in 1997 in Muzik Magazine. Matt also received the title of ‘Best Remixer’ from the readers of M8, and deservedly was awarded for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ from Kiss FM. September 2001 Matt completed a mix CD for the mighty Moonshine organisation in LA, the compilation was titled ‘The New Era’ introducing the US market to Hardhouse/Hard NRG delivered in the Slipmatt way, featuring Hardhouse/Hardcore crossovers such as; Daniel ‘Billy' Bunter, Vinylgroover and The Pranksters. Matt has several compilations to his name, including a further release on Kickin Whole Lotta Hardcore Also in 2001 Matt was asked to compile a CD for the mighty Moonshine called ‘The New Era’ a mix of Hardcore and Hard NRG for the US market. Having in recent years moved away from Hardcore, Matt now plays a blend of all of his favourite style with a popular and reminiscent old school influence including elements of trance, a touch of funk and house.

Phenomenal success throughout the generic dance scenes has established Matt as a DJ transcendental of style maintaining the old crowd as well as accessing the new market of dance fans. Playing every weekend up and down the country including several regular trips to the USA, Australia, Ireland and Ibiza. Matt’s mixes and production have also recently been a regular feature on Radio1, he has also taken part in various television programmes about the clubbing scene and rave culture. 2003 looks set to be busier than ever for Matt, who is in massive demand all over the world as well as within the music media.

DJ Slipmatt - Discography

Breaking Free (12") Awesome Records
Breaking Free / Hear Me (Remixes) (12") Awesome Records
Breaking Free (12") Universal Records (2)
Slipmatt Takes Control (CD) Kickin Records
'88-'92 Anthems 2 (2xCD) United Music LTD.
Hardcore Heaven Vol. 1 Promo (Cassette) M8 Magazine
The Anthems '92 - '97 (2xCD) United Music LTD.
United Dance Vol. 6 Promo (Cassette) M8 Magazine
The New Era (CD) Moonshine
Space (12") Not On Label

DJ Slipmatt - Remixes

Ghetto EP feat. DJ Slipmatt Remix (12") Drums Of Doom
Happy Anthems Volume 3 (2x12") In Complete Darkness
Happy Anthems Volume 4 (2x12") Airhead (Slipmatt Remix) Rumour Records
The Ultimate Happy Hardcore Collection (3xCD) Take Me Away  Music
A New Breed Of Ravers (LP) Incredible Bass
DJs Delite (Volume 1) (CD) Crowd Control
Happy Anthems Vol. 1 - The Heart Of Hardcore Raving (CD) On My Own
Happy Anthems Volume 1 (2x12") On My Own
Hectic Remixes Vol. 1 (12") Crowd Control (DJ Slip... Hectic
In Complete Darkness (Remixes) (12") In Complete Darkness 
My Own (DJ Slipmatt Remix) (12") My Own
Power Play - Volume 1 (CD) Incredible Bass
The Remixes Part 1 (12") Take Me Away (Slipmatt... Kniteforce
Chapter One (2xCD) Crowd Control (DJ Slip... Hectic
In Complete Darkness (95 Remix) (12") In Complete Darkness
In Effect (The Remixes) (12") In Effect
Incredible Bass (Remix) / Let Go (12") Incredible Bass
Megarave '95 (CD) Take Me Away
Shining Down (12") Shining Down
Slipmatt Takes Control (2x12") Take Me Away
The Happy Album (2xCD) In Effect (Slipmatt Re... Jumpin' & Pumpin'
United Dance Volume 2 (2x12") In Complete Darkness
All Over The UK (2x12") Shining Down
Check Dis Out (Remix) / Ultimate Upliftance (Remix) (12")
Classics Vol. 1 (12") Awaited (Slipmatt Remix) Vicious Vinyl (2)
Hardcore NRG (4x12") Higher Love (Slipmatt ... Solid State Records
Higher Love (Remix) / Stomp It Up (Remix) (12") Higher Love
Is Anybody Out There? (12") Is Anybody Out There? ... Universal Records (2)
Keep On Trying (Remixes) (12") Keep On Trying
Most Uplifting Vocal Anthems (CD) Higher Love 
Raveheart (2x12") Keep On Trying
Revolutions EP (12") Revolution Pt 2
The Annual 1995-1996 (2xCD) Higher Love
The Remixes Part 6 (12") Take Me Away (Slipmatt... Kniteforce
The Sound Of Club Kinetic - Vol. 3 (2xCD) Higher Love
Unity (Slipmatt Remixes) (12") Unity (DJ Slipmatt Rem... Basement Records
Bonkers 2 (4x12") Your Mind (Slipmatt Re... React
Hardcore Heaven Vol. 1 Promo (Cassette) Your Mine
On A Ragga Tip '97 (CD5") On A Ragga Tip
The Big Spill Remixes (12") The Big Spill 
This Is... Hardcore (3xCD) You're Mine (Slipmatt ... Beechwood Music
You're Mine (Slipmatt Remix) (12") You're Mine
On & On (Remix) / Life 98 (12") On & On (Slipmatt Remix) Next Generation Records
Absolute Classic Hardcore (3x12") In Effect
Take Care Of You (12") Take Care Of You
Vigilante Hardcore / Listen To The Ace (Remix) (12") Listen To The Ace

Slipmatt's - Links to Fantazia

DJ Slipmatt has played a many Fantazia events including:

Fantazia New Year 1991
Fantazia Summertime
Fantazia New Year 1992
Fantazia Birthday Party
Fantazia Palace

To buy his sets from these parties please click here


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