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DJ Sonique

DJ Sonique began her DJ career in 1991 at the tender age of 21.  DJing, however is not the only connection she has with the music industry.  Back in the early nineties as one half of S-Express she has hits with "Nothing to Lose" and "Find em, Fool em", both of which broke in to the UK national charts.  Since then Sonique has also had chart success with other tracks used on Fantazia albums, such as Josh Winx's "Higher State of consciousness".  Guesto's "Disco Revenge" and Heliocopter's "On Your Way".

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What makes DJ Sonique so unique as a DJ is that she has blended her excellent powerful and emotive singing abilities with a natural mixing talent to create a unique club atmosphere.  As soon as she steps up to the decks she picks up the mike and introduces herself, instantly connecting with the crowd and setting up the atmosphere for an unforgettable night. Right at the peak of the best tunes comes the perfect crescendo of smooth vocals just made up on the spot yet somehow sounding like they are meant to be there. This talent never before seen in clubland is unique to Sonique.  

If you get the chance to experience Sonique's DJ set for yourself you will not forget it in a hurry. You can tell if Sonique has played in a club because everybody will be talking about her style of music and the charged atmosphere she leaves behind her. 

Sonique.  Great DJ. Even greater voice, but if anyone out there can think of how to make a pair of headphones that will fit over her earrings, give the girl a shout. She's always losing them.

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Sonique appeared on the Fantazia album:

Fantazia British Anthems Summertime

Copies of Fantazia Summertime can be bought here




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