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Fantazia New Year 1991/92

31/12/91,  Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Nr Exeter 8000 people.


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These were the times when the butterflies in our stomachs multiplied. I can remember quite a lot considering the memory loss I suffered after the event (Thank heavens it all came back on the journey home).

It all started like most parties which was through the collection of the flyer on the door of Shelly's in Stoke on Trent. We had one of the best nights of our lives where if I remember Parks and Wilson were playing that night. Anyway we noticed the flyer on the back seat and immediately made it a date. At that time I was knocking around with some lads from Wolverhampton and also Redditch. (Them nutters had a ford van Painted with a huge smiley on the side and loads of other visuals. Iíll never forget leaving the pub in Redditch once with 16 people in the back and travelling at the speed of light 40 mph up the M6 to JJ's in Wolverhampton. How the hell we made I don't know.

Anyway, they were the kinda guys and girls I was knocking around with at that time. My other mates were pushing us to go to The Eclipse but we held our ground for a while. The tickets were purchased from Ruby Red in Wolverhampton about three weeks before. The day before the Fantazia event we hired a van and I was travelling with some lads from Wolverhampton and Bromsgrove. Matt you know who you are. Ivan you were in the passengerís seat acting out Two Blacks and a Bubble (Perfect Lyrics Mate) and Dave as always you double dropped first on the way. Charlie I think you were with your bird from Bromsgrove at the time. Yes she became quite a rich girl if I remember ha ha!!

The journey was a mixture of Ivan come Mad P, me waving to all the birds birds in any decent car and the rest getting very stoned. We made it to a service station not far from the Venue it was packed and we got chatting to loads of peeps and listening to (I think it was DJ SY on someoneís Stereo) some geezer was upset in the cafe over his fake ticket (some nasty shit told him they had seen a fake like his) oddly enough the geezer was inside the rave. We had made it to yet another Rave in one peace. Charlie found a bag with five Pink New Yorkers. I swear by this....he asked his Mrs to tie them to her tampax string which she did. (I dropped one later) no comments please the pills worked on top of our stash in a fine old way.

The night was one of the best feelings I've ever had. It got messy but I survived through it. Matt and I were at the back of the event when Top buzz came on. I've never been through a set with so much energy. The set by Lisa was energetic but Iím sorry Top Buzz and Ratty pulled what for me was the one of the best nights alongside Pandemonium at the Ice Rink, EVER. Matt and I didn't stop the whole night. Charlie from Wolvo got so cained, he lit a match and tried to smoke it sat down at the back. However we got him on his feet. Nothing was lost apart from our heads that night. Rhythm Section was to quiet buy hey!!!! We needed a break to recover.


'Your favourite family are here, are you ready for the sounds of the ultimate bad boy in the house, are you ready for the sound of the TOOOOOOOP BUZZZZZZ? ONE FAMILY........ Need I say more, talk about a roller coaster.

The journey home was quiet. Some car full of Ravers had an accident on the way back but they were fine. The police hadn't arrived at that point but the girls looked puzzled and seem to blame the car three miles up the motorway. They survived a fatality (unscathed) and also witnessed what is said to be history in the making. Fantazia.....you gotta return back my son. 


Event CDs Available

  1. Top Buzz part 1
  2. Top Buzz part 2
  3. Ellis Dee part 1
  4. Ellis Dee part 2
  5. Slipmatt
  6. Donnovan Bassline / Ratty
  7. SY
  8. Lomas
  9. Easygroove

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Ian Dance Memories of Westpoint...

What a great night!! I fetched those inflatables from lowestoft im sure they thought we were mad.. But James's face said it all when we were driving around the car park after midnight in his old Volvo paying car park staff the place ...was rammed... It had worked !! All the stress had paid off... & here started the platform for every1 else 2 try & compete with... Fantasia had launched itself in2 the big time a far cry from gas & the eclipse!! & long may it continue.. I think I may have 2 drag myself out of retirement 4 the 20th birthday!!!




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