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Wednesday, 11 May 2005




Tuesday, 10 May 2005

1 ov da spa badboys woz eya 2005 n if any fit lasses wont 2 email me me email adress is jordanspa888@hotmail.com

Dj DarkStorm


Monday, 02 May 2005

Wicked site yall wanna say thx for makin me wot i am to day mad 4 the hardcore :D big respect to all the oldskool team peace DaRkStOrM



Thursday, 28 April 2005

cool cut dee i' i still have 1 of your tapes put it on the net 'emule' fuckin old skool boy. top site fantazia 'or low gillian stitched a big bash' 1 more would'nt hert........... SAFE 'SORTED YOU KNOW THE SCORE.



Tuesday, 26 April 2005

dream a little dream and the dream came true thay called it fantazia and its coming after u. bigup to all DJs , MCs and fantazia crew.

Fantazia Forum User!


Friday, 15 April 2005

Fantazia have a forum, come join us! http://www.rave.org.uk/forum All the massive are welcome! If you were too young come and find out about what makes Fantazia a part of dance history. It's not too late to join the future!




Thursday, 14 April 2005

get back 2 the oldschool



Wednesday, 13 April 2005

I remeber how cold it was in the morning, nye '92. The bloody car wouldn't start. Ever tryed fixing an engine off yer tits? Don't bother! Those were the days....ahhhh... Big shout to all the 30-something nutters!




Wednesday, 13 April 2005

well i. youre all little rarfees


REEDY - Wolverhampton


Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Cracking site lads keep it going!!!!! A Masive Old Skool Shout out to the subway boys.


Dj Kid - Scotland


Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Ez All Fantazia Crew, Played for the gnag once at Telford but they spelt my name wrong on the flyer. Instead of Kid they put Kio. Ive kept the running order sheet just in case anybody didnt believe me. Concrete Respect Dj Kid



Monday, 11 April 2005

ex World Dancer here - great sites lads!



Sunday, 10 April 2005

Thanks for the best Raves of 1992! Wicked site-big up!



Friday, 08 April 2005

lex loofah is my step dad aka jhon gilpin

Dan Ramsay


Friday, 08 April 2005

Fantazia was and still is a part of my life,right from the origonal parties at The Park in Wormlow Hereford back in the day for all those that remember the wormlow parties and the big ones at bournemouth and donnington lets keep this time of our lives alive and tell all we come across about the fantastic times we all had at these parties,keep it real and as long as we all have these memories OLDSKOOL HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE.... massive respect to all the 30 plus ravers that still "feel the vibe" big up all the S Wales massive



Thursday, 07 April 2005


leo preston and uk crew


Thursday, 31 March 2005

keep on tryin if you fail once u wont fail again you all have the ability to kick something off again....let history repeaqt itself...cos i fuckin am...s-system-dex-dj-mcs....easygroove robbie dee..respect...midlands watch out.....im comin 4 ya




Thursday, 31 March 2005




Thursday, 31 March 2005

Can i just say, as an original hardcore raver, i miss Fantazia soooo much, i still grab as many sets as i can of people, and regulary reminiss by crankin the tunes right up. Makes me sad really, knowing wat it was like back then, and knowing it will never be the same as it was, oh well, at least we all have memories. THANK YOU SOO MUCH FANTAZIA, FOR BEING A BIG PART IN MY AND OTHER PEOPLES LIFE. RESPECT!!.

Charles Wines


Monday, 28 March 2005

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Your site is Interesting and in-depth giving a true reflection of the UK ravescene between 1989 to 1999. I now can not wait to finish the completion of my Fantazia dance music collection. I thought all those precious gems that were so crucial to the foundation and shaping of the UK dance/rave scene had gone how pleased I am to see that they're still available. Especially one release in particular Tony De Vit: The Remixer's. When my parents return from holiday & I've saved my money, l'll return to spend it wisely on that and on the other precious gems that have moulded UK dance music history. Keep up the good work - Don't Ever Stop !!!

annona james


Sunday, 27 March 2005

i think ue website is really gud so keep it up n up t date



Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Great Site! I was a wee bit too young to attend big events (a couple of years!) But collected and lost all the tapes!!!! I am a 30 year old ex-pat living in Spain, and i am sure i will be purchasing many many CDS!!!! Think we need another Fantazia event!!!! What is happening to the dance scene!!!!!!!! RESPECT!!!!!!

Forum User!


Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Remember Fantazia.org.uk also host a forum for all you lovers of old-skool! Be sure to join the community and catch up with current news regarding Fantazia and the rave scene! Forum: http://www.rave.org.uk/forum Come join the future!




Monday, 21 March 2005

Fantazia is crazier than all the rest put together... dudes i just found dis site wtf i cant belive it! i want all dem cds & dvds! Glad to see the vibes still going man thought i was on me own



Monday, 21 March 2005

this is so good 2 c all the old rave again keep it up rave on m8s

scratch master tekno


Thursday, 17 March 2005

fantazia crew are u ready


robbie dee


Thursday, 17 March 2005

One time for your mind




Thursday, 17 March 2005

b a s s m a n sound of the bassman kickin up again

mc/dj ribbz


Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Oi every body get off the stage, your jumpin the needle and we cant party. theres nothing special about the stage........ PARTY CREW ARE U READYYYY


Everson allen


Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Is there anybody OUT THEEEERRREEE


MC joe peng


Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Im so high, dont know why, must be the sound of DJ DIE


mad patrick


Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Who wants to fly , who wants to be on toppa the topppa the toppa the WOOOOORLD!!!!!



Tuesday, 15 March 2005



DJ Oggo - Ya Know


Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Keep the vibe alive - Hardcore will never die!!!!!



Monday, 14 March 2005

book dave the rave to play at your next event please. The blokes a legend OI OI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrissy from leadgate


Thursday, 10 March 2005

ha ha . swicked!!!!!!1 big shout out for mc scotty jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


chrissy from leadgate


Thursday, 10 March 2005

well i. the fckin monkey crew


chris jolly


Thursday, 10 March 2005

all i have to say , is let the mighty rez rest on peace, the good ole days will never be recaptured , bring back the nightmare

phil Coventry raver


Tuesday, 08 March 2005

What a good time was had by all......

bath raver, germany


Monday, 07 March 2005

thank you for keeping such an era in music/culture alive on the net. wish they had a bit more hardcore over here tho!!


ian havenhand


Saturday, 05 March 2005

i was always at the diggers worked there to now they have knocked it down what a waste



Wednesday, 02 March 2005





Tuesday, 01 March 2005

wicked website loads of info we are starting an event called technology 25th march 05 club one eleven blackpool with robbie dee and easygroove 3hr set...info 07891260785

Oggo ya know


Tuesday, 01 March 2005

Shout to all the mad ed's oi oi


jordan stabler


Monday, 28 February 2005

i am a mad raver and my best mc is tazo if you want to be a mc you need to do your best rock the mic and all night e mail me on...stavros2005@hoimail.co.uk..i like pepol ho is a mental raver just e mail me and ill tell you more a bouth me..my age 10 im from hartleypool the sentral

chrissy from leadgate


Monday, 28 February 2005

big shout out to the respecting leadgate crew ha ha new monkey mad man.


Wednesday, 23 February 2005

circus circus crew............................ my names mc livly and this is what i do, i make all the lyrics just to entertain you................


aimee graves


Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Title rave balerina power ranger crew!!!!!!!! Oi Oi

kik innit 2 ya


Saturday, 19 February 2005

power cheese rave crew respec all the cheesemeisters in the place those - who've seen know!!!


Another Dave (Fantazia forum)


Friday, 18 February 2005

Hey DAVE! If you sold T-shirts I'd buy one! :D




Friday, 18 February 2005




Tuesday, 15 February 2005

e mail to.grooveeasy@yahoo.co.uk phone.07951438059.


easygroove the orginal tecnodred


Monday, 14 February 2005

Back in the day were the best..With Dean Jimmi and Rob,dj Lisa,Ramjack,lomas and tictoc crew .There is so many more to mention. It would take all day.Thank u to all party goers and James fantazia,Cris percetion,Gid obsession,Dave helter,Hixy danceplanet, Circus warp free partys and many more for the best times of my life.Respet to the next oxfordshire free party genoration. LONG LIVE A PAIR OF DEX AND SOUND SYSTENS.



Sunday, 13 February 2005

DO YOU LOVE YOUR HARDCORE!?!?!?!. . . C'MON!!! Dancer x

seany boy


Tuesday, 08 February 2005

just like evryone else fink a rave fink fantazia, 32 now seems so long ago.

chris D


Saturday, 05 February 2005

glagow posse showin how its done ,stroll on in 2005 ULTRASONIC BANGIN THE BASS DRUM




Friday, 04 February 2005

lol lol lol, dave the rave no1 rava u nutta come and join the forum



Thursday, 03 February 2005

Big shout out to Dave the no1 rave!!!!! http://www.rave.org.uk/forum


dave the rave no1raver


Thursday, 03 February 2005

big shout out to all rave club

dave the rave no1raver


Thursday, 03 February 2005

title raver no1raver

whos in the house


Thursday, 03 February 2005

get the events goin, hardcore will never die even though its looking like fantazia has! or r u gonna prove everyone wrong and get with the scene again. go on dave the rave! your mental




Tuesday, 01 February 2005

Come join the future, add your comments to the forum. http://www.rave.org.uk/forum




Tuesday, 01 February 2005



amy penistone


Tuesday, 01 February 2005

hiya ur gay

jesse (k34gen)


Monday, 31 January 2005

hey whats up just checkin out the scene and sayin howdy.. kick ass site! rock on

full house radio


Thursday, 27 January 2005

hey guys 24/7 internet radio www.fullhouseradio.com live 24/7 house




Thursday, 27 January 2005

Glad to see this site is up and running :-) NaughtyRaver.com


Bambi Epidemik


Thursday, 27 January 2005

Cool site! Nice to see Fantazia back! www.epidemik.com www.paradoxpromotions.com www.klubflyer.com



Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Seeing this site was a real blast from the past. Glad to see the no.1 rave promoter is still going strong. HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE !!! from a burnt out raver. BIG UP YOUR CHEST!!!


Scott Summers


Monday, 24 January 2005

Wow i can't believe this site.Its amazing. I was too young to attend but my mates and i collected all the tapes and flyers religiously. It gave us a dream of dj'in and attending raves. Im lucky enough to still have those dreams and still living it.I still have all my old tapes too. Youre mix tapes changed everything,we had never heard music like it before. Thank you.


Friday, 21 January 2005

Dont u mean the Eclipse in Coventry mate ;)




Friday, 21 January 2005

Them dayz were the shit but its all history and memories now...




Thursday, 20 January 2005



skin_up (sussex)


Thursday, 20 January 2005

Well done Fantazia! itís about time someone put this great dance music era on the map because it took over some of our lifeís for a good few years. Iíve tried explaining this magical scene to youngsters of today but they just can't comprehend. Iím so pleased I had a chance to experience raving :) Big respect to the DJs that still hang in there today from the rave days though dance musicís various changes. Respect the core!




Wednesday, 19 January 2005

alright Charlie & all the fantazia crew. website lookin wicked, keep up the good work. great to see all those old flyers etc. nevermind a one-off event, lets have fantazia back for good:) out with the new in with the old!! respect to ray, mike, vicky & da hereford crew:)

Scott Oakley


Monday, 17 January 2005

I can't pretend I ever attended but I had nearly all the videos and tapes, flyers etc. I couldn't really go because of my age but believe, I was a proper bedroom raver. From what I saw and heard on the tapes you boyz done proud and you have influenced me in the events we throw round the coast. Just wish you done another to experience my 'first taste' you must come to one of our partys. They ain't anything to your scale but if fancy an experince of beach & woods partys, let me know!!!!! ... Scott @ SOUND clinqiue



Monday, 10 January 2005

Site is wicked, Can't believe the track Q-Tex is on video clip - the best days of my life were 90-96 and fantazia raves were easily the best...... please do 1 more for all the raving crew.... Massive Respect to you all....!!!!


Madcap Magician


Monday, 10 January 2005

I've just read the profile on DJ SS and I have to say that I haven't read anything so funny in ages! "....then, unexpectedly, came an absence which lasted nearly two years. "The reason I went quiet was 'cos that was when the ragga came in strong and I didn't want to do that", explains SS......." No, mate. The reason you went quiet is you got booed off stage so much you had to go away to learn how to DJ properly! I know this for a fact 'cos I was one of the ravers whose Saturday nights you used to ruin with your atrocious mixing. In fact, I used to walk around Leicester in a T-shirt saying "DJ SS can't mix" on it.

brummy lads


Friday, 07 January 2005

see dennis is top dj,lik shot montana,off a boy head.


Fran Rowbotham


Friday, 07 January 2005

excellent site, great to be able to get hold of the old classic mixes - excellent quality too! any thoughts on a return trip charlie?



Friday, 07 January 2005

Great site, good to read about the old skool stuff, brings back memories of the best days of my life!! Used to be on the scene '93-'95 Would love to hear from people that can haziliy remember those "good old days!!"




Thursday, 06 January 2005



Hardcore Head


Thursday, 06 January 2005

Fantazia should get to CARDIFF's Evolution for old time sake.



Thursday, 06 January 2005

i think FANTAZIA should come back and do the big raves again (1989-1993 raves)




Wednesday, 05 January 2005

Oi Oi....Come on... Whens the new club tour going on!? Cant find it on the site www.freewebs.com/djbsp

Loz, Sutton Coldfield


Monday, 03 January 2005

Some of the video clips, songs and photos give me goose pimples I love it so much! You could easily do another series of HUGE parties, Fantazia you were THE original THE best, come on sort out some more!!! (NEC Birmingham wants you there!)


Toby - Newbury


Monday, 03 January 2005

Diggers crew - A big shout out, u know who u r. Anyone still out there from Bath? What an amazing website, what memories, the scene in 90-93 was just superb, oh those china whites!!!! great scene great people great parties....castlemorton, tribal and big love!!




Monday, 03 January 2005

fantazia was the best days of my life why dont you do one more please i love you fantazia and i always will do every evnt you done i was there and i would be again you are the orignal hardcore


Trevor Forsdick


Saturday, 01 January 2005

I was raving !




Tuesday, 28 December 2004

blow your whistle, blow your horn!!! mad days but the best



Friday, 24 December 2004

Hi Fantazia Your top

west midlands epileptic crew


Monday, 20 December 2004

Oh my god i cant beleive you are back man!!!!!! Youve gotta put on more events fantazia, i know 50 + people who would come out of retirement if you were too put events on again, the fanatzia production was second too none, no one else cud match it, get your money out and so will 25,000 + people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT :o)




Saturday, 18 December 2004

Thems were the days! Big up the Sterns car park crew




Saturday, 18 December 2004

fantazia was the dogs lets have one more party,shout out to the bourton crew




Friday, 17 December 2004

fantazia rock on wish i was 17 again philmores best night ever


mark garcia


Friday, 17 December 2004

hello again fantazia.... welcome back .'..last time i was here was '93 big bang .. a new summertime 2 wud be awesome


mc magika


Thursday, 16 December 2004

whens fantazia back man?we need a massive oldskool event with areanas for the new skool stuff too i.e D&B ,Breaks etc

Kelly http://aedaysnight.cjb.net


Sunday, 12 December 2004

Hmm very interesting site you have here. Fantazia sounds pretty cool!




Sunday, 12 December 2004




Sunday, 12 December 2004

browsing and found my REAL connection to the best memories. just aint the same.............




Saturday, 11 December 2004

Great site.... Please Visit My Oldskool 88-92 Web Site lots of mp3's to listen to and download.. etc www.freewebs.com/dj_lust/



Wednesday, 08 December 2004

love the web site great 2 see fantazia still going ,shame the scene isnt the same anymore "88-92" great years for the rave scene. check out mt hour set on www.njoy-the-sound.com every friday 6-7 old skool hour!!!




Wednesday, 08 December 2004

I thought it was over, but noo ah ken different! They were right, Hardcore will NEVER die!!! Guid ane!!

aimee graves


Sunday, 05 December 2004

i had a bangin turd on the dance floor.easygroove smoked it then went balisitic coz it had sweetcorn and nuts in it


daniel graham


Friday, 03 December 2004

i remember fantazia new years eve 92 set from ellis dee, awesome. do you remember eclipse at cambridge every month. stu banx, jojo,bukem,gappa g,unity,paulyc and the crew, memories forever!!




Friday, 03 December 2004

fantazia and eclipse in cambridge were wicked.



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