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The following are all  CD recordings sets from rave promoters from over the last 20 years. They included many classics tunes and are a great memory of the rave scene. Many have MC's some do not.  Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us.   Payment info at bottom.

Quick Links: Wall of Sound - Warning - Warp - WBLAS Radio - Wigan Pier - World Dance - War of the Worlds - What Ever Happened - Wobble
FlyerEventDJsPriceView Basket
Any 3 CDs (17% off)14.99Buy
Any 6 CDs (25% off)26.99Buy
Any 9 CDs (36% off)34.99Buy
Wall of Sound
Volume 3
Allistair Whitehead & Seb Fontane6.00Buy
Jon Pleased Wimmin & Jeremy HealyBuy
Judge JulesBuy
Tall PaulBuy
All 4 CDs (34% off)15.99Buy
Warehouse Rave / Aircraft Hanger 88Unknown DJ6.00Buy
Jungle Mayhem 1999
Brian G6.00Buy
Hype & ZincBuy
Mampi Swift / Darren JayBuy
Mickey FinnBuy
Ray Keith/Nicky BlackmarketBuy
Wildchild vs Jojo RockBuy
All 7 CDs (41% off)23.99Buy
4th Birthday
Andy C6.00Buy
Hype & Andy CBuy
Jo Jo Rock / WildchildBuy
JJ Frost & Bryan GBuy
Ray Keith/Nicky BlackmarketBuy
Residents part 1Buy
Residents part 2Buy
Shimon & Red OneBuy
All 9 CDs (52% off)25.99Buy
Warning vs Innovation
6th Birthday
The Junction
Red One/Bryan G part 1Buy
Red One/Bryan G part 2Buy
Shy FX/SwiftBuy
Zinc/Mickey FinnBuy
Andy CBuy
Jumping Jack FrostBuy
All 9 CDs(47% off)28.99Buy
Warp 1990Winston Hazel (Frogmasters6.00Buy
WBLAS Radio New York 88Merlin Bobb6.00Buy
WBMX Radio
Farley Jackmaster Funk (1988)6.00Buy
Farley Jackmaster Funk (1985)Buy
Frankie Knuckles (1981)Buy
Mickey Mixin Oliver (1982)Buy
Steve Silk Hurley (1986)Buy
Steve Silk Hurley (1984) Friday Night JamsBuy
All 6 CDs (48% off)21.99Buy
WJLB Radio
Jeff Mills (1987)6.00Buy
Jeff Mills aka The Wizard (1989)Buy
Jeff Mills part 1 (1986)Buy
Jeff Mills part 2 (1986)Buy
All 4 CDs (37.5% off)14.99Buy
Wigan Pier 1990Nipper6.00Buy
Disco Dub Experience
Matt Skinner6.00Buy
Phil GiffordBuy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Kevin Andrews6.00Buy
World DanceVarious events Various View now
War of the Worlds 1989Grooverider / Top Buzz part 16.00Buy
Grooverider / Top Buzz part 2Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
 What Ever Happened to...John Digweed6.00Buy
Dave Seaman Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy

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