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DIY Free Party Collective

Do It Yourself was a Nottingham based veteran free party collective.  Having been around since 1989, they did a lot of parties.     The DJ's comprised Digs and Whoosh, Harry, Jack, Simon DK and Emma as well as engineers and sound people who had spent most of their time partying madly around the world.

At the same time as putting on free parties,  DIY also and their own record label and released a number of successful tunes,  with at least 30 12" records and 2 albums.

Since 1990 they spent their time partying with The Happy Mondays and The KLF at Glastonbury, rocking parties of up to 40,000 people, running nights at the Ministry of Sound, Lakota, Back to Basics, The Que Club, Heavenly Social, Club UK, Voodoo, Big Love, Glastonbury, Amnesia, Pacha, Space and Cafe Del Mar to name but a few.

Their DJing includes venues worldwide in Ibiza, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Dallas, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy and France and working alongside Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Andy Weatherall, Darren Emerson and Choci amongst others.

DIY went on to set up the Nottingham arm of the anti-CJA (Criminal Justice Act) group and raised 30,000 for it, they also got on the front page of the Daily Telegraph at the London anti-CJA demo, as well as appearing in many of the contemporary dance music scene text books.

They were a crazy, party mad group of people who kept going for a long time.

When asked how they managed so much DIY Harry said "We've kept going simply because we know how to have a laugh.  The whole outfit has been  underground mainly because we've always done it for ourselves and our posse.  We've spent most of the last eight years in various house parties and smokey clubs in Nottingham - before that we were creative loafers."  

They described themselves as "We're losers, boozers, cruisers, chancers and dancers."    Add nutters to that.......


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