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Sterns (Interdance), Worthing

My real raving days started @ the legendary Sterns in Worthing, run of course by the late Mensa from In-Ter-Dance. I had been to a few illegal parties but nothing to big or even that good, so it was Sterns that got me in to the scene and in to hardcore in a big way. I remember my first night down there; I canít remember the exact date but Iím pretty sure it was in August because I remember it being quite a hot night.

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I took my first pill in the Sterns car park and then joined the queue; it wasnít long before I was on my way up and feeling very good about things (I knew I was in for a good night). As soon as I got it I was faced with loads of happy off yer face nutters, everyone was so happy and friendly, my mates suggested that we headed straight for the under ground so of we went on this little journey to the underground and that was it I stayed there for the rest of the night jumping around, hands in the air off my face whistle blowing my friend just kept on bringing me bottles of water all night. The sweat was pouring of me and from the ceiling (all those who ever went to sterns will know what Iím talking about).

It wasnít until I returned the following week that I discovered the rest of the place, all the rooms, corridors, stairs and even a tea room, thatís where you could go for a chill out and have a smoke. I used to live for Saturday nights and went nearly every week, I meet loads of people down there (sadly Iíve lost touch with them all now).

Sterns was the place where I first heard about Fantazia people were talking about the NYE 91 event at WestPoint and how good it was. I even bought a tape in the car park one night, TOPBUZZ @ Fantazia NYE 91, (I still listen to it now) I then heard about The Second Sight and new I had to go! 

Trevor Puttick

Sterns today:   A Tea shop!



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