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Fantazia DJ Collection Carl Cox

FANT007 1994 Techno mix - Mixed by Carl Cox

For those of you who love techno, this is the ultimate sonic experience, over 60 minutes of some of today's best techno sounds personally selected and mixed to perfection by the master himself - Carl Cox. 

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He laid his musical foundations by pioneering the Brighton house scene in the mid 80s, and spearheading the acid house craze in 87 / 88, playing at seminal clubs such as shoom, Spectrum and Land of Oz, to name but a few. 

He began building his now infamous name by receiving the title of "Three Deck Wizard" - the first of his counterparts to bring massive crowds this awesome mixing skill - and went on to win several awards for such as "best Rave DJ" and "Best Overall DJ".  If awards were given for capability, personality and attitude, then they would probably fall into his hands as well, as everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him will no doubt agree. 

These attributes were certainly proves at Fantazia's mammoth event in Scotland in November 1993 as he proceeded to hype the 12,000 strong crowd into a frenzy, not only with his second to none mixing skills, but his love of the music and his work shone brilliantly through as he used his seemingly effortless skill of hyping the crowd (for those of you who have had the pleasure of watching his set on the chart topping "Big Bang" video / DVD

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