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Fantazia Jungle Collection

FADJ002 - Mixed by Grooverider, LTJ Bukum & DJ Rap

"....pure sub-bass: A slow motion skank that seizes your spine before metallic breaks flash...

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This Fantazia album the Jungle Collection was one of the first mixed album to be released to the genre of dance music.  Jungle latterly became drum and bass but the 3 djs Fantazia chose to mix the Jungle Collection are still at the forefront of the scene today.

A spectrum of Rare Groove, Ragga and Sould sinking into fathomless caverns of Dub...A shifting plane of Drum 'N' Bass, breaking down for Dancehall, Hardcore and Dub rhythms... A force that brings together all underground street music, uniting Rare Groove, Reggae, Soul, Ragga, Pure Techno and Ambience under one shiny ball of silken snares and silvery hi-hats....A genre that covers all angles. Music has no barriers...It's massive - now listen..."

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