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Fantazia House Collection 4

FHC4 1995 House - Mixed by Jeremy Healy & Allister Whitehead   

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"Raw! Raw! Raw! I hate hearing compilation albums that are so smooth and contrived, and never have any thought or inspiration behind the mixing.  This one is crammed with reality and roughness." Jeremy Healy

Jeremy Healy is a self styled heavyweight in the dance world, plying his trade with a natural skill he chooses to describe as 'sporadic'.  Still dressed in his trademark Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano fashions, we can still see him.  Add to this the ranks of showbiz friends he's often seen with, and his supermodel girlfriend Phillipa (our cover girl), you have the perfect embodiment of a star of the caring sharing 90's.

Jeremy arrived on the scene in 1989 playing to packed dance floors at the London house mecca, Subterranea.  his unique and innovative sets, dropping The Prodigy's Firestarter  alongside Robert Miles Children alongside his cream Armani pants, ensures his reputation as a wild crowd pleaser and a top notch DJ.  Jeremy is now so in demand you can not expect to book him for your club without waiting a very long time.  Any after listening to his set on this album, you will understand why, as he yet again has brought his indomitable style to a Fantazia album.

"It's not just a 'part two', but a mix which is out on it's own. Judge for yourself." Allister Whitehead.

Since Allister guested on Fantazia's The House Collection Volume Three, his already blossoming career took a serious upwards curve, we have seen him headlining venues up and down the UK and residencies being offered everywhere.  We have also seen him progressing from the deep American Garage sets and working up his crowds with a combination of driving rhythms and uplifting vocals.  Jeremy Healy is first to admit that Allister is his ideal DJing partner, and was recently quoted as saying "I was playing with Allister Whitehead one evening, and no-one would go home.  Somebody broke into the power booth and switched back on all the amplifiers, and we just started it all again".  It gives you an idea of how immensely popular the pair are. 

Tracklist - Disc 1 Jeremy Healy

Blue Amazon - No Other Love
Kadoc - Night Train
BBG - Snappiness (Revisited mix)
Diana Ross - I Will Survive (Sure is Pure mix)
Winx - Hypnotising (96 remix)
Rob Tissera - Kick Up The Volume
Sweet Tee - It's My Beat (Deep Stix & Kentish Man Remix)
Homebody Hippy & A Funk Dredd - Welcome In Y All (Instrumental)
Klubbheads - Klub Hopping (Extended mix)
The Prodigy - Firestarter (Instrumental)
Way Out West - Domination (Way Out West mix)
Sasha & Maria - Be As One
Robert Miles - Children
Chynna Phillips - Naked and Sacred (Sacred Dub Mix)
The Reese Project - Where Love Lives (A Side)

Disc 2 Allister Whitehead

Inner City - Your Love (Serial Diva Mix)
Future Force - What You Want (Mark Epic & Vocal mix)
Black Magic - Freedom (Make it Funky)
Reel 2 Reel - Jazz It Up (Extend Mix)
Full Intention - America (I Love (Full Length original Mix)
Lisa Marie Experience - Keep On Jumin (Bizzare Inc remix edit)
Lifeforce - Kimana Tana (Original)
X-press II - The Sound (Hardhead mix)
DJ's Rule - Get Into The Music (Hybrid mix)
Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish mix)
Love Tribe - Stand Up (Love Tribe remix)
Masterboy - Anybody (Do Do Bass Burger)
Angel Heart feat Rochelle Harris  - Come Back To Me (Lisa Marie Experiance Mix)

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