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Fantazia House Collection Club Classics 3

FHCCC3 1996 - Mixed by Brandon Block, Luv Dup & Mike Cosford

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Tracklist - Disc 1 Brandon Block

Last year Brandon was voted 'Caner Of The Year'.  "I'm Abstainer Of The Year this time," he chortles.  But if you're thinking that this new, fresh faced Brandon means his sets have got mellower, you needn't worry.  The mix he's done here  exclusively for Fantazia show him on traditional Brandon rockin' form, "These tracks have been really well selected, " he says.  "They're different, pretty underground, not the obvious ones." Since forming the Flying organisation (along with Dean Thatcher and Charlie Chester) in the late Eighties, Brandon's continued his reputation for packing the crowds in wherever he goes.  This year he's booked to play in Hong Kong, Chicago and Spain (to name but a few places) as well as continuing his legendary stint in Ibiza over the summer.  But with his new found healthy  lifestyle can playing in clubs be quite as much fun?  "Of course it is!" he says.  "You just don't go mad all of the time."

Disc 2 Luvdup

An accident meeting at the start of the decade proved to be a fateful one as the formation of DJ duo Luvdup soon followed....South African born Mark moved to Manchester after his 'coming of age' meant a stint in the defence forces in his hometown of Capetown.  He quickly found his feet and began DJing at parties for indie/dance group 'The Farm'.  Meanwhile born and bred Mancunian Adrian was playing warm up slots at a local weekly club night.  The pair got together when Adrian helped Mark out after a particularly heavy night out. They began DJing at some rather unlikely places, including a Chinese restaurant, and thankfully progressed on to more major venues such as Manchester's 'Home' and 'Paradise Factory'. You can now catch them at most of the top UK  clubs, as well as at many exotic locations, playing blistering sets ranging from the deep and funky to the joyous and jazzy and - for this their third Fantazia outing to date - pure classic cuts.

Disc 3 Mike Cosford

Taking control of the decks for the third in the now highly popular Club Classics series, Mike Cosford set out to create the perfect mix.  "It covers all bases," he says.  "From soul to current hard house, it's a pretty representative mix of the last six or seven years."  Since his first mix for Fantazia's House Collection Volume One (voted an Album of the Year by Muzik magazine), Mike has continued to increase his reputation as one of the best underground DJs in the country.  He's currently booked up for the next 19 months and this year you can catch him playing in Sweden, the states, South Africa as well as all over the UK.   When he's not playing out Mike's busy in his studio:  "My plan for this year was to get a studio and do some production.  Me and another guy have completed our first product now and it'll be sooner, rather than later that you'll get to hear it."   If its anything like the quality of the mix he's done here, you won't be disappointed.

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