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FRX1 - Mixed by Tony De Vit

Tony De Vit (pronounced "d-vee"), in our humble opinion, is one of the very first true club DJs.  In fact, he has been working up the crowds long before the words "Club Culture" were even penned.  His first residency came in the early 80's at "The Nightingale Club" in his home town of Birmingham, and this residency lasted an entire decade. 

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During this time Tony made countless friends and colleagues, but one person in particular that truly spotted Tony's ability was Graham Rickerby.  Graham began creating a name for Tony in London through his DJ tapes to the city's promoters, he also encouraged him to work at his newly acquired keyboards and introduced him to his partner of today, Simon Parkes, more of which later.  Tony also became a frequent visitor to London and among the many clubs he visited, his first taste of true club culture came when he visited 'Trade'.

He enjoyed it that much that he decided to blitz the club's promoters Lawrence Malice and Tim Stabler with his own DJ tapes.  It was only a short amount of time before he was made the club's resident,  a position which he stills holds today after four years.  It was at Birmingham that we at Fantazia spotted Tony's flawless mixing, and invited him to play on our House Collection Volume Two alongside Jon of The Pleased Wimmin and Boy George.  It was on this album that Tony truly demonstrated his distinctive hard house style.  Almost immediately clubs nationwide were jamming his fax and phone lines with booking requests.  Tony took the big decision to resign from his well paid computer programming job, which he had held for over fifteen years, to become a full time DJ and producer.  To date Tony ahd headlined virtually every club in the country and has hosted dance shows on Beacon Radio in the West Midlands, Choice FM, Radio One's Essential Mix and London's Kiss 100.

Now, twelve months on from The House Collection Volume Two, Tony returns once again to the Fantazia turntables...

The Remixer

Unlike many of his DJ counterparts, Tony has been creating music since he began DJing. He bought his first synthesiser in the early eighties, and gradually built up a respectable bedroom studio.  He was then introduced to Simon Parkes and after becoming firm friends, they decided to get their synths together and create a private writing studio.  But the amount of equipment between them, forced a situation where they had to find a larger premises to house the studio.  So he and Simon search Birmingham for a suitable location.  It was then that V2 Productions came into being.

It was a risky move for Tony De Vit to quit the aforementioned computer programming job,  but it was definitely worth it.  The work at the V2 studios came in thick and fast, and as a remixing outfit De Vit and Parkes found themselves very much in demand.  in very little time the two have risen through the remixer ranks, and assisted us in creating an album which is wall to wall club monsters.  Enjoy.


  1. 99th Floor Elevators - I'll Be There
  2. Abigail - Constant Craving
  3. Rizzo - House work
  4. Artemesia - Bits & Pieces
  5. Rizzo - Tick Tock
  6. Tom Wilson - Techno Cat
  7. Dex - What is Going On
  8. Epik - The Blob
  9. Funkydory - Good Times
  10. Lonnie Gordon - Love Eviction
  11. 99th Floor Elevators - Hooked
  12. Chaka Boom Bang - Tossing & Turning
  13. Quench - Dreams
  14. Cygnus-X - Turn Around
  15. Shimmon & Woolfson - Stack The Galli 
  16. Winx - Don't Laugh

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After finding fame and fortune on the back of his House Collection Volume Two mix, Tony De Vit returns to the Fantazia turntables with a launch of a new series entitled "The Remixers" out on the 29th April.  This single CD or cassette album is dedicated to the genius production and DJ'ing skills of Tony De Vit and incorporates sixteen underground tracks all remixed to perfection by the man himself.

The Remixers highlights Tony De Vit's unique musical style, one that can only be described as an obscure blend of Hard House layered with a variety of uplifting anthems.  In very little time Tony de Vit and V2 productions partner Simon Parkes have completed over 32 remixes, sixteen of which are featured on this album.

A collection of Tony de Vit's 1995 hits include the excitable "Don't Laugh" by Winx, Artemisia's "Bit's and Pieces', the Summer classic "Hooked" by 99th Floor Elevators, Lonnie Gordons "Love Eviction" and Scotland's Tom Wilson with "Technocat" to name but a few.  All of which can be found mixed in true De Vit style alongside 12 other classics.........

Fantazia have had a nack of producing high quality albums, with the House Collection "Club Classics" still at the top of my all time favourite list, this one comes close.  We wait in eager anticipation for number four in the House Collection series whilst this one will do as an in between listen.   Other tracks include "Constant Craving" by Abigail,  "The Blob" by Epik and "Dreams" by Quench.  Avery nice little compilation, the first in a series and follows on in true Fantazia style quality.

Rating: 5 Stars    -    Dream Magazine



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