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Fantazia Back to the Old Skool Club Classics

FANTA10 Early Vocal & Uplifting House Classics - Mixed by Mr . C

Mr C Techno god of the underground has many strings to his bow. The front man from the Shamen is an independent single and album Artist, a premier echelon Techno DJ and co owner of The End nightclub in London.

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A lesser know branch of his talents was his excellent House sets in the heydays of 1989 / 90. Mr C played House sets both in clubs as well as on pirate radio stations such as Centre force, Passion and Sunrise. He plays this superbly uplifting quality House.

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Top dance music label - Fantazia -  have revived the true spirit of the 89/90 club scene with a heart rending blend of 18 tracks from days gone by.

Back to the Old School see the notorious Mr C (of The Shamen fame) apply his DJ skills to a host of classic tunes.   Reflecting the musical setting of the era, Back to the Old School is a must for all of us mid-20s who yearn for the return of "piano House" - gone but definitely not forgotten!

Mr C kicks off with one off the original seminal House anthems mixed by music maestro CJ Mackintosh - Kariya's unforgettable Le Me Love You Tonite,  which mixes smoothly in to Debbie Malone's much sampled track Rescue Me.   Other tracks read like a who's who of today's talent including Patti Day's Right before My Eyes and Flowmasters' Let It Take Control.

The Back To The Old School album guides the listener through the original House experience that shaped clubbing as we know it - a treasure trove that will appeal to fans both old and new. 

Review 2

Fantazia goes all retro on us and manages to get it about right Vol 3 does exactly what it says on the label - it's a nostalgic dose of 'early vocal and uplifting house mixed by Mr C'.  Your opinion of the album will depend on whether you look back on the heady days of 89 / 90 with a wistful tear in your eye, or whether you've long stopped looking over your shoulder and are dealing with the now.  Even then, you'd have to accept the influence that tunes on  this album have had, and are still having. 

The CD will undoubtedly work best when your round your mates drum and a tune like Orange Lemon's Dream of Santa Anna comes on and you start talking about the old days in "A", when "B" and "C" went to "D" and wigged out on "E" with you and me.  A lot of tunes lay the paving for an instant memory lane trek back in time.  Tracks like Kariya's 'Let Me Love Your For Tonite',  Richie Rich's 'You Used To Salsa',  the seminal 'Your Love' by Frankie Knuckles and Petra & Cos 'Just Let Go' are all key moments in the history of house music and will always be worth taking out of mothballs every once in a while.  Elsewhere, the tracks only serve to highlight how far you could get seven or eight years ago with an 808 and a smile.   7/10 SM    DJ Magazine 11/04/07

Review 3

Cali whites, baggy tops, illegal raves, love doves, rhubarb and custards, vicks, fitting fifteen of your mates in your car to go to an after hours rave in a barn, dancing your bollocks off from Friday until Monday,  Frankie Knuckles "Your Love", Pierre's Fantasy Club "Dream Girl", Orange Lemon's "Dreams Of Santa Anna" and the Corporation Of One's "The Real Life"/  All prime moments of early rave oblivion from the second Summer of Love which occurred in the years 1989/90 when E's were actually made of ecstasy and it was love all around.  

Compilations masters Fantazia have encapsulated many of the prime cuts from that period with The DJ Collection Vol 3 - Back to the Old Skool: Mixed By Mr C.  As well as the above, tracks from Ebbie Malone (Rescue Me), Kariya (Let Me Love Your For Tonite), Patti Day (Right Before My Eyes) and naturally Mr C slips in one of his own cuts,  The Shamen's "Progen".

As well as his involvement with The Shamen, Mr C was one of the pivotal figures on the Orbital rave scene and now runs his own club and label which both share the name The End.    His club is situated in the heart of London's West End and as quoted in December's Express "We would like people to view the club as a breath of fresh air and a place built, designed and run for the clubber and for the optimum in all fields".   So dig out the purple hooded top, slap DJ Collection Vol 3 on the stereo and lose yourself in the experience which shaped the club scene of today.    Ian Buckingham Express Magazine   April 1997

Review 4

The Shamen/ Plink Plank chap digs back in those proverbial crates to pull out a bunch of late 80s, early 90s house classics.  And does it very well indeed.   The stone cold, essential classics like Frankie Knuckles 'Your Love'  slide in to more underground gems like the brilliant dub of 1990 Italian job 'Just Let Go' by Petra & Co. 

Much like a real house club from back in the day, all styles are mixed together willy nilly.  So there's soft deep house like Keytronics Ensemble's 'Calypso Of House' and mad breakbeat excitement like Orange Lemon's 'Dreams of Santa Anna' and Corporation Of One's 'Real Life'.  And yes, it's refreshing.  If there's a complaint to be made, it'd be the rough edge to Mr C's mixing, forcing those tracks to fit in together almost against their will.  But then, that's pretty much what DJing was all about back then, riding acapellas roughshod over jackin' trax, then bangin' across that crossfade.  It's quite a joy to hear the plaintive vocals of Patti Day's 'Right Before My Eyes' shoehorned in over Leftfield's 'Not Forgotten'.   Rough and ready then, but sometimes that's what it's all about.   
4/5 Frank Tope Mixmag Update 13th April 1997

Send us you review / thoughts on this album and they will be included here.   I.e. why did you buy it,  did you like it, was the mixing good,  what do you remember doing when you first played it. Do you still play it etc........



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