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FANTA003 - Ratpack - Lords of the Dance

Released on the Fantazia label in July was "Lords of the Dance" by Rat Pack, A single set to take the rave revolution to mass markets that other dance music doesn't seem to reach.

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With the superbly distinctive musicianship of Lipmaster Mark McKee, "The Lords of The Dance" - taken from Fantazia's "Twice As Nice" album - has all the hallmarks of a top selling summer single for '93.

Rat Pack is so respected on the club circuit that their first single, "Searching For My Rizla" - a cover of Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner" - sold 5,000 units in just 5 days without any advertising or radio play.

An injunction was slipped on the single by Rondor Music for breach of copyright. A massive cult success, copies of which are now virtually impossible to come by, with loads of hardcore fantatics paying p to 500 for the honour of owning a Rat Pack Original!!!

"Lords Of The Dance" uses the "Captain Of the Ship" line from the '68 hit of the same name. This time though, there'll be no injunction and no stopping the sales once the explosively up tempo and unforgettably fiery Rat Pack sound gets around!

Evenson Allen and Mark McKee have been at the cutting edge of music-making for the past six years, and since they set up the Clerkenwell Club "Trip City" - which turned the scene upside down and inside out in '87, they've instigated some of the most exciting venue based innovations in the UK.

The dance music scene may have previously prided itself on the anonymity of it's artist, but with all of its prodigious potency at performing, Rat Pack simply hasn't the power to keep it a secret any longer!

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The Psychedelic beatniks from the Fantasia music house, return after a successful "First Taste" album, to give you another sample, only "Twice as Nice".   One the venture it's clear to the ear that Fantasia have a superior innovative formula unrivalled on other dance compilations. 

Bucking and kicking along, the album takes flight through a continual mix of cuts mastered by Graeme Park and Ellis Dee.  The Ratpack make an explosive impact on the album with "Lords Of The Underground" a kill cut also available on 12"/CD/MC from 12th July.  "

Twice as Nice" also features previously unreleased material from the like of St Ives, Orca and DJ Vibes making this essential rave vinyl.  

CM, Up Front issue 4



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