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Fantazia The First Taste

FANTA001 Released 1992 Old Skool - Mixed by Mike C (Cosford)

Fantazia Music proudly presents the ultimate sonic experience, the first taste...not just another compilation, but a new concept in dance music.  

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Never before has anyone offered so much, a selection of the UK's finest leading DJs and Acts from the heart of the rave scene, offering you the latest un-released dance tracks...now sit back and listen to a taste of things to come... FANTAZIA CREW COME ALIVE.   To buy this or any other Fantazia product Click here

Fantazia First Taste Reviews

Echoes - November 1992

Fantazia are the biggest rave promoters in the world.  This is partly because money that's come through their turnstiles has been shoved back to make the events smooth, safe and fierce fun.  So now - with the sorry state of usual "rave" compilations - they've steamed into the record industry. 

This is an important album for rave music.  With its high profile launch (including a mega-event in Bath) lavish packaging and nationwide promotional campaign) this record sees the genre elevate itself out of the jungle of white labels, formula hit - hopes and shoddy "Now That's What I Call Sad" albums.

Most striking factor to me though is the music itself.  Its hardcore, sure.  There's ideas, variety, power and originality running rampant here (for instance Nicky Mac's "Feel My Love" is a surging tour-de-force of accelerating trance momentum).  There are anthems, trippy bits and an overall happy feel which is going to bring back a lot of memories for a lot of people. 

If only half the number who've been to Fantazia-land bought this it would enter the national album chart at pole position.  It's not a dream any more.

Kris Needs 4.5 / 5


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