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Fantazia Twice as Nice

FANTA002 Old Skool 1993 - Mixed by Graeme Park & Ellis Dee.  A classic collection of old skool tunes, a perfect follow up to the massive Fantazia First Taste.   To buy this or any other Fantazia product Click here

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The second album from top rave organisers Fantazia is a much stronger and varied proposition, opening with Ratpack's simply blinding hardcore ska bouncer "Lords Of The Dance" before ripping through other rave specials like Ellis Dee's "Desire" and DJ Vibes' "Live 4 the Feeling". All the tracks are new and fresh and on the first side flowingly mixed by Ellis Dee.

The second side starts with Graeme Park on the decks working through some simple garage tunes before the tracks drift into trippy ambience with five cuts from the previously techno-oriented Orca team.

Combining all these elements is a clever way of uniting all the different elements of raving now, running through the hardcore, garage and chill out tents but it is the hardcore that kicks best here. Which is probably what will attract Fantazia fans anyway, that and the huge blow up of a woman's nipple on the cover. David Davies 8/10 Mixmag

The Psychedelic beatniks from the Fantasia music house, return after a successful "First Taste" album, to give you another sample, only "Twice as Nice". One the venture it's clear to the ear that Fantasia have a superior innovative formula unrivalled on other dance compilations. Bucking and kicking along, the album takes flight through a continual mix of cuts mastered by Graeme Park and Ellis Dee. The Ratpack make an explosive impact on the album with "Lords Of The Underground" a kill cut also available on 12"/CD/MC from 12th July. "Twice as Nice" also features previously unreleased material from the like of St Ives, Orca and DJ Vibes making this essential rave vinyl. CM, Up Front issue 4



A Record company has been ordered to tear down fly-posters bearing a woman's nipple or face maximum fines of 14,000. London based Fantazia Music ran foul of Coventry's strict anti fly-posting policy when it stuck up 14 posters on seven sites in the city.

Now its boss has accused the city council of being "dictatorial", saying the company has been picked on because of the use of the female nipple. But council planners deny the clampdown has anything to do with censorship.

The posters advertise a rave album. a spokesman said: "We've put up thousand of these posters all over the country and Coventry City Council have decided it's not for them. "I think they've picked on us because there's a nipple on the poster. Fantazia has said it will comply with the council's demand to remove the posters today. Rugby Telegraph 15/7/1993


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