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Fantazia Made in Heaven Remix

FANTA005R Old Skool - Mixed by Carl Cox

Fantazia, the quality purveyors of only the finest music, cordially invite you to sample their third album in the series.

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A perfect combination of tracks, some especially written and produced for Fantazia as well as stomping club classics.  Some of the bands you will know but many are new discoveries from all over the globe.  An internationally flavoured album with music from Germany, Italy, Scotland and England.

Once again we bring you the music of today; a heavenly blend of techno, house and jungle.

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The Artists View:

We wrote one track (K.O.T.T - time to let go) that was on the "Free DJ 12" that came with the vinyl version of the "Made in heaven album and two tracks (K.O.T.T - time to let go and too high) that were used on the Carl Cox remix.

The tracks were about 2 years old at the time they were included on the Album - we had funded and distributed a release ourselves (the one and only release on our undone label) about 6 months before - and not made a penny back (in fact we were about 600 quid down)

We sent out lots of tapes to record companies (including Fantazia - I think they had mentioned on one of their flyers that they were looking for unsigned music). Then several months later we got a call out of the blue saying they wanted "time to let go" for their next album

We were actually asked for a couple of copies on vinyl for Carl Cox to use to do the remix (We had sent 'time to let go' to them on D.A.T - being based in Manchester we decided to take them down to the launch party at Bowlers, got ourselves on the guest list and handed them over to one of the crew (A Geordie lad - I can't remember his name - I think with was Gill or Goll or something like that) then we had a fantastic night out.

We met a few of the Fantazia crew that night, they were all really friendly and genuinely as exited to have us on the album as we were to be part of it.

About a week later we were contacted by Fantazia again asking if they could have the 'too high' track - Carl Cox had listened to it off the vinyl and wanted to use it on the remix CD.

"Time to let go" was one of our first ever tracks (we recorded loads more after but never released any) - if you listen to the track it has 4 bars of drums too many at the beginning so it doesn't come in predictably - so if you listen to the "Carl Cox Remix" of the album the mix he does with our track is pretty bad (our claim to fame - Carl Cox did a bad mix with our track!)

I think in total we made about 750 quid out of it, which cleared our debts and paid for the Fantazia night out.

I think the 'time to let go' track was played that night - but it was being played a lot at that time around Manchester so I'm not too sure.

A couple of years later we off-loaded all of the remaining copies (500+) of our original vinyl release to a record distributor for about 50 quid only to find it was being sold for 10 quid a copy in all the record shops we visited - labelled as an 'old skool classic' - so I guess we must have been played and had more of an impact than we thought!



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