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Fantazia British Anthems 2000

FBA3 - Mixed by Jeremy Healy & Allister Whitehead

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What a year we've had, partying like there's not tomorrow (there never seems to be!).  'Fantazia undoubtedly threw the party of the Summer,' they said in Mixmag, and we don't seem to have stopped partying since.  Fantazia at privilege in Ibiza was a slice of the best of British dance and we're back serving you up more of the same in this, our latest album in a series that's set to run and run.

In British Anthems 2000 we bring you the tunes which will be tomorrow's anthems, the sounds, beats and breaks influencing DJs from bedrooms to dancefloors.  Tunes that are the great moments in music with that special groove that take you away in the blink of an eye.  Tunes to make you want to dance.  And of course we bring them to you with the help of two of Britain's finest DJs - Jeremy Healy and Allister Whitehead.

Here are some of the  things we've been up to. The pictures you've come to expect from Fantazia, the Dancers, the characters, the DJs and the faces that make today's good times and will continue to making them into the next millennium.

And with the future in mind we though you'd like to see our view of things to come, what tomorrow might or might not be like, where some of the world's best parties will be in the year 2000 and what's likely to make it onto tomorrow's dancefloors.

Thanks for all your support as ever.  Whether you remember us from the early parties like the infamous Midlands bash at Eclipse back in 1990, whether you know us from our albums or whether you met us this summer at our party in Ibiza where 8000 clubbers including Dennis Van Outen and half the cast of Eastenders rubbed shoulders with a man wearing a suitcase.  A great moment in club culture we're sure you'll agree.  Magic even.     James P

Tracklist - Disc 1 Jeremy Healy

Whether you are on the dancefloor in Ibiza or in a bedroom in Ipswich Jeremy Healy is a familiar name.  For over a decade his skills as a DJ have maintained his position as one of the most popular British DJs ever, consistently hitting the Top 10 of 'most wanted' DJs.  Appearing  at clubs all over the world his name guarantees a capacity crowd (a rare thing in clubland) and to this end he has almost become the ringleader of the club circus.  But Healy has always been more than just a DJ, his personality would never allow it.  Instead he has become one of the great characters so prevalent in British club culture. Watch him DJ and you'' understand;   he's more likely to be waving his arms around whipping the crowd up rather than standing hunched over the decks.  For him DJing is a form of pure entertainment where the crowd are drawn to the floor thanks to both his sheer energy and the fresh funky house he plays.  This sets mixes 21 tracks showcasing the style he's now famed for.  Do believe the hype.

DJ Eric presents - We Are Love
Phil Fuldner - The Final  (New Club mix)
Pied A Terre - Lost in Space (Dub)
PM Dawn - Movin On Up (Morales Club Mix)
Dextrous - X-Train
Greece 2000 - Three Drive on A Vinyl
Adamski's Thing - One of the People (Shark Tank Mix)
DJ Looney Tune - Workstation (Beam Remix)
Plastica - Disco Dancin (Original Club Divine Mix)
Funky Choad - The Ultimate (Choad Extended MIx)
House of Prince - Perfect Love (Peters Long and Perfect Mix)
Moby - Honey (Sharam Jeys Sweet Honey Mix)
Blue Adonis - Disco Revival
Golden Girls - Kinetic (Rythm Masters Melodic Mix)
Garbage - Push It (Victor Calderone Remix)
Arrola - Dreaming (Percussion mix)
Aura - Share The Tears (Natural Born Grooves mix)
Bacon Popper - Free (Smoke mix)
Lamba featuring Martha Wash - Hold on Tight (Natin And Kane Remix)
Furry Phreaks - Soothe (Chicance Remix)
Hybrid - Finished Symphony

Disc 2 - Allister Whitehead

One of the seminal players on the club circuit, Allister Whitehead has worked his way quietly up the ranks of key DJs who  break down boundaries, consistently following the funky and chunky house path that he is now renowned for.  For the part 8 years he has DJed solidly, and '98 residencies at Cream's Full On and Zero Gs have clubbers the chance to experience his skills on a weekly basis, despite a gruelling schedule that also includes trips to Hong Kong, Australia, Ibiza, Argentina and South Africa.  This 1999 also saw him work with producer Tom Frederickse as The Whitehouse and the release of their debut single "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" as well as presenting the dance chart on Galaxy FM with that theme tune.  In true style his set sweeps across the musical spectrum including Randy Crawford "Wishing on a Star" Eddie Amadar "House Music", Cevin Fisher "The Freaks Come Out" and Holly Johnson "Hallelujah".  Hearing is believing.

Les Rythmes Digitales - (Hey You) Whats That Sound
Murk - Reach For Me (Matthew Roberts Funk Force 98 mix)
Randy Crawford - Wishing On as Star (Bombastic Club Mix)
Black Connections - I'm Gonna Get You Baby (Full Intention mix)
Mount Rushmore - You Better (Better Hear Dis Mix)
Da North Face Killa - Da Powa (Verse 1)
Bito Benito - Disc Jcokeys
Montano Trumpetman - Itza Trumpet Thing (Funky Space Mix)
Eddie Amador - House Music (Full Intention mix)
Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (200 Freaks Mix)
Prphets of Sound - High (Outer Space Instrumental)
Z-Factor - Give It On Up (Club Mix)
Lisa Loeb - Falling In Love (Matthew Roberts Dub Mix)
Holly Johnson - Hallelujah! (Eric Kupper Voal)
DJ JJ - Unrealsed Anthems Vol 1
Allister Whitehead - Theme

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