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Interdance - Sterns - Worthing

A Tribute to Mensa - The South’s No. 1 Promoter - Mensa was the main man behind the In-Ter-Dance Organisations. He set up In-Ter-Dance in 1990 with the help of a Government Enterprise loan.  Mensa had done some previous events but this is where the legend began. 

The first In-Ter-Dance all nighter was mid 1990 but it wasn’t until the end of ’90 and beginning of ’91 that the alliance with Sterns began.  With all nighters once a month, Sterns soon got a name for itself as a major dance venue, and with some Friday nights as well, the Sterns family grew.  In-Ter-Dance and Sterns were like no other, not many clubs offered what Sterns offered, four floors, pumping music.  Only a handful offer more than one room.  In the summer of ’91, In-Ter-Dance and Sterns were approached by the police and council, and were given a permanent all night license.

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Sterns wasn’t the only venue used by In-Ter-Dance, In-Ter-Dance teamed up with the Pure organisation to present Dance ’91 and ’92 at the Brighton Centre, also In-Ter-Dance were involved in events in Canada and Switzerland also Ibiza ’91.  The all nighters had been set as a members only night, there were all nighters every other week with a 9pm - 3.3am on the other weeks.

The numbers of In-Ter-Dance members in 1992 rose to over 25,000.  But ’92 brought unnecessary attention to the Rave Scene and all the media attention and bad press contributed to In-Ter-Dance and Sterns all night license being revoked.  But Mensa didn’t give up, he appealed, but to no avail.

In-Ter-Dance found other venues in which to hold all nighters, such as the Plymouth Academy, Poole Arts Centre and Hastings Pier, to name but a few, In-Ter-Dance still rocked at Sterns but only until 2am every week, except on an all nighter night.

The next blow was dealt on Monday 5 April ’93, when the council decided not to renew the entertainment license for Sterns.  So once again an appeal against the council decision.  In-Ter-Dance remained at Sterns until 14th August ’93 which saw Sterns open its doors for the last time.

1993 was an uphill struggle to keep Sterns open, but the fight was over, the powers that up held the trump card, the right of refusal.  But Mensa didn’t stop there.  He found a venue called Wave Nation and held a members only party there, and by all accounts it was a blinding night, and another event was held at Wave Nation on New Years Eve.  And with an event planned for 12th February things were looking up for In-Ter-Dance, but only a few days before the event, Mensa was involved in a freak car crash, in which he died, and his passenger "Smash", broke his back.

I will leave you with one of Mensa’s sayings.  "Dance, dance, wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the dance said he, and I lead you all In-Ter-Dance with me!"

Never be in doubt Mensa made the scene in the south, what is today, if it wasn’t for Mensa, where would we be? Think about it for a while, and make up your own mind.




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