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STREETrave - Euro Dance - Colours

The Beginning....

This unlikely master plan was originally hatched at The Sub Club, Glasgow, where-for one gig only-there was three people involved and not two.

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The "West Coast Jam" at Ayr Pavilion was a highly successful night with 800 punters, though very little profit seemed to have been made (42), not that Ricky & Jamsy would have known much about it as they were having a thoroughly excellent time experimenting in all sorts of social skills!

One week later when they came to, they suddenly realised they might have stumbled upon something special-and STREETrave was born. To say that the original venue at Ayr Pavilion was something of an understatement, but this didn't matter, it was all part of the romance of the place and the events that took place there. Anyone who ever experienced STREETrave parties at the Pavilion will wipe away a nostalgic tear when asked of there own particular memories. 

It is also significant that at the time of the first STREETrave parties Ricky & Jamsy were fresh faced 19 year old kids, and actually began putting on parties in order to give themselves a good night out,  if anyone else fancied turning up it was a bonus.  The attitude that they were punters first and foremost rather that club promoters was another of the ingredients that went towards the unique STREETrave's friendly atmosphere,  you were most likely to bump into them jumping around on the dance floor rather that any backstage scchmooze. 

These STREETrave boys were "keeping it real" without even knowing it.

To say that in the early days the planning was lackadaisical is a bit of an understatement.  Ricky and Jamsy were taking it in turns to forget to book equipment and blaming it on each other on a month to month basis, culminating in the infamous night when they put on a party without having one single light to put on the stage.  After a quick SOS call,11.30pm saw the lighting rig arrive-in the shape of a single strobe light from a punters bedroom.

Against all the odds the night turned out to be one of the most memorable they ever did, and that was the essence of what made STREETrave was all about, the music and the punters made the parties great-not fancy venues or outrageous production.

The informal approach attracted widespread interest, and STREET rave parties were filled by people from all over Scotland and the north of England, releasing any regional attention and bringing together crowds that would normally not socialise together. Once inside the venue they were STREET rave people first and foremost, and many a long lasting friendship was forged there.

On to Ayr Ice Rink and the mayhem continued with STREETrave staging their first all-nighter featuring K-Klass, TOGETHER and an unknown lad called Sasha?? A wooden deck flooring was laid over the ice and the sound system was cranked up, as it turned out later-a little too much! The boys had put in slightly more sound than was appropriate, and the thin corrugated walls of the Ice Rink provided little soundproofing and the resulting cacophony could be heard 10 miles up the coast at Prestwick!

Add to this the fact that 2000 people turned up and the police had to cordon off the surrounding roads to let the crowds get in and you will understand that the authorities made it a point never to let the pair near this venue again! Of course none of this dampened the party sprit on the night and a great night was had by all, even although at one point Ricky was hiding under a pile of coats in the cloakroom to avoid an argument about the guest list and Jamsy was being hosed down under a cold shower in the ladies toilets! Just another day at the office for the deadly duo.

Next the STREETrave massive upped sticks and moved across to the east coast for a series of parties at Livingston Forum, regularly revisiting the Pavilion.

Later a few rather large parties at the Prestwick international airport descended under the name of EURODANCE and then the STREETrave emerged further with Salsa at the Tunnel parties featuring the likes of Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Masters at Work and Roger Sanchez.

In 1995 STREETrave was re-invented as COLOURS only to re-appear each year since on a one night only party basis, with the famous STREETrave birthday parties.

The Legend Continues......

Thanks to Fastbuck.


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