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Limbo Records

Limbo Records began in the summer of 1992 launched from legendary Glasgow Record Store 23rd Precinct. The label was credited as being the creator of progressive house and the first 3 releases from Havana and Gypsy were defining moments in house going on to sell over 20,000 units each and seen Limbo striking a deal with Tribal Us for a series of house of Limbo albums. Label boss Billy Kiltie linked up with Stuart Crichton to release some big club tracks under the name of Mukkaa and Michael Kilkie, Harri and Parks and Wilson were other mainstays at Limbo in the early days.

House of Limbo vols 1 and 2 which was remixed by AL Mackenzie were massive albums in the states and at this time there were also debut albums from Havana and Gypsy whose Sountracks album still sounds fresh today with one of the tracks Funk De fino still appearing in djs and record stores all time top ten house tunes. Sublime were another of the early Limbo success stories that saw the label being championed by the likes of Sasha, Paul Okenfold and John Digweed.

Limbo went onto have some serious commercial success with the likes of Michael Kilkie and Stuart Crichtons Umboza project which was a worldwide hit and was licensed on to Positiva, also at this time Limbo had other chart success with Dutch producer Yosh's classic Whats Upfront that counts.

At that time Limbo had another big compilation with the release of House Of Limbo trilogy mixed by Mark Moore, followed by the Tunnel triple pack cd mixed by Paul Okenfold, Colours the Full Spectrum with Farley and Heller and Cj Mckintosh and Steven MCREERYS Limbo Live at the Tunnel cd. Limbo also became the first Uk label to sign Top Us Producers Josh Wink and Victor Calderone who carved their names in Limbo history. Limbo left the 90s with top Us names such as Fade,Noel Sanger, Cl McSpadden, Chris and Perry Domingo and local guys Steven Mccreery and Ross Mcfarlane all producing to quality tracks. In 2001 Limbo celebrated 100 releases with remixes of some of their big track from Papa and Gilbey, Fade, Gordon Kaye and the Flash Brothers.

Since that time it has all been quiet at Limbo Towers with the label not releasing any material although they have developed a long term publishing deal with Notting Hill Music. All THAT HOWEVER HAS CHANGED and Limbo are back with the release of Code 3s Alchemizm co-produced by Ken Ferguson. New releases are due from The Tali Freaks and Stuart Hirst so it looks like Limbo are back in business and still releasing quality house music.




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