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The following are all  CD recordings sets from rave promoters from over the last 20 years. They included many classics tunes and are a great memory of the rave scene. Many have MC's some do not.  Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us.   Payment info at bottom.

Quick Links: Joy for Life - Jungle Fever - Judgement Day - Juicy - Jungle Mania - Justin Robertson
Flyer Event DJs Price View Basket
Any 3 CDs (17% off) 14.99 Buy
Any 6 CDs (25% off) 26.99 Buy
Any 9 CDs  (36% off) 34.99 Buy

Get Ready to Get Wet
Danny Rampling part 2 6.00 Buy
Allister Whitehead Buy
Danny Slade Buy
All 3 CDs (28% off) 12.99 Buy
Joey Beltram
vs The Producer
Green Cover/Cartoon Man
Joey Beltram
vs The Producer
6.00 Buy
Joy for Life Late 92 Gordon Kaye 6.00 Buy
Judgement Day Various Events Various view now 
Jungle Fever
Gods of the Jungle
Grooverider 6.00 Buy
Hype / Randall Buy
Mickey Finn Buy
Ron Buy
All 4 CDs (32% off) 16.49 Buy
Jungle Fever
Gods of the Jungle
2nd Lick
Brockie 6.00 Buy
Kenny Ken Buy
Randall Buy
SL + Ron Buy
All 4 CDs 16.49 Buy
All 8 Jungle Fever Gods CDs (42% off) 27.99 Buy
Jungle Fever
Fever 98
Brockie 6.00 Buy
Bryan G Buy
Footloose Buy
Hype Buy
Mickey Finn/Funky Flirt (Old Skool) Buy
Shy Fx/Mickey Finn Buy
All 6 CDs (35% off) 21.99 Buy
Jungle Fever
As it Happened
Footage from various events from 1994-98.  280 minutes of footage 1xDVDR
Jungle Fever vs Heat
Summer 99
Drum and Bass
Andy C 6.00 Buy
Ash Buy
D Dee/Brockie Buy
Jinx/Hype/Flirt Buy
Kenny Ken Buy
Nicky Blackmarket/Flirt Buy
Protocall Buy
Ray Keith/Hype Buy
All 8 CDs (42% off) 27.99 Buy
Jungle Juice - October 92 Bryan G 6.00 Buy
Jungle Mania
1st Birthday
Island Music Arena
Brockie 6.00 Buy
Darren Jay/ Vantage/ Hype Buy
Grooverider Buy
JJ Frost Buy
Kenny Ken Buy
Randall Buy
Twilight Buy
All 7 CDs 23.99 Buy
Jungle Mania 4,
Jungle Splash,
Bush Doctor 1994
DJ Ron 6.00 Buy
Jungle Quake
Brockie/FX (MC Pain) 6.00 Buy
Jungle Splash
The Reunion
Potential Bad Boy/Runtingz (CD1) 6.00 Buy
Potential Bad Boy/Runtingz (CD2) Buy
Brockie (CD3) Buy
Kenny Ken (CD4) Buy
Kenny Ken/Jumping Jack Frost (CD5) Buy
Jumping Jack Frost Buy
All 6 CDs 19.99 Buy
Justin Robertson 1995 6.00 Buy

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