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Groove 2 Eclipse mix CDs & DVDs

The following are all events CDs & DVDs from Groove 2 parties from the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire areas of the UK from the 90's.   These are converted from original tapes. Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or .   Payment info at bottom.

Flyer Title Live DJs Sets Price View
Any 3 CDs (17% off) 14.99 Buy
Any 6 CDs (25% off) 26.99 Buy
Any 9 CDs (36% off) 34.99 Buy

Eclipse 17/11/90
Corn Exchange
Doug Osborne (MC Stuart Banks) (Sound poor) 6.00 Buy
Eclipse 16/11/91
Corn Exchange
Lee Coombs / Stu Banks (MCs Ron Jon / Action Jackson) 6.00 Buy
Eclipse 21/12/91
Corn Exchange
Trevor Fung part 1 (MC Ron Jon / Stu Banks) 6.00 Buy
DJ Unity (MC Ron Jon) Buy
Trevor Fung part 2 (MCs Ron Jon & Stu Banks) Buy
Stuart Banks (No MCs) Buy
All 4 CDs (32% off) 16.49 Buy
Eclipse 25/01/92
Corn Exchange
Trimma / The Face (MCs Ryan / Ron Jon) 6.00 Buy
Stu Banks / Pauly C (MC Ron Jon) Buy
Both CDs (17% off) 9.99 Buy
Eclipse 15/02/92
Corn Exchange
Simon Bassline Smith (MC Ron Jon / Stuart Banks) 6.00 Buy
Jam Master Jay (Mcs Ron Jon / Stuart Banks) Buy
Both CDs (17% off) 9.99 Buy
Eclipse 30/05/92
Corn Exchange
DJ Unity (No MC) 6.00 Buy
Jumpin Jack Frost (MC Ron Jon) Buy
Both CDs (17% off) 9.99 Buy
Eclipse 12/09/92
Out Door Festival
Devious D (MC Jay J) SL2 6.00 Buy
Mickey Finn (No MC) Buy
Both CDs (17% off) 9.99 Buy
Eclipse 06/02/93
Corn Exchange
Stuart Banks (MCs Ron Jon & Madness) 6.00 Buy
Phantasy (MC Ron Jon) Buy
Grooverider (MCs Ron Jon / Madness) Buy
All 3 CDs (28% off) 12.99 Buy
Eclipse 20/03/93
Corn Exchange
Seduction (MCs Ron Jon & Madness) 6.00 Buy
Devious D (MC Jay J) Buy
Jo Jo Rock / LTJ Bukem (MCs Ron Jon & Conrad) Buy
Stuart Banks (No MC) Buy
Top Buzz (MCs Mad P) Buy
Clarkee (MCs Madness & Contagious) Buy
All 7 CDs (41% off) 23.99 Buy
Eclipse 15/05/93
Corn Exchange
Kenny Ken
(MCs Madness & Bassman)
6.00 Buy
Jo Jo Rock & Stuart Banks (MCs Madness) Buy
Fabio (MC Madness) Buy
Gappa G (MC Screech) Buy
All 4 CDs (32% off) 16.49 Buy
  Kink March 97 Nigel G & Danny Edwards part 1 6.00 Buy
Nigel G & Danny Edwards part 2 Buy
Both CDs (17% off) 9.99 Buy
  Kink Saturday 97
Hollywood Ipswich
Pete Wardman 6.00 Buy
DJ Pants Buy
Craig Jenson Buy
Andy Manston Buy
All 4 CDs (32% off) 16.49 Buy
  Club UK 02/12/95
UK Ipswich 
2nd Anniversary Ball
Luv Dup 6.00 Buy
Eclipse The DVD
19 Different Discs from different events from 1991+
from 8.99 View now

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