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James Fantazia
Interview 1992
James Fantazia
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"Fantazia has never been about Bigger, Better, Faster, More.  Every project that we undertake, be it an album, an event, a tour or whatever, is treated individually and with every single project, we strive to bring you the finest possible creation with the means available to us.  Like you we are everyday people, customers who demand the very best for our money, and hence we will only create things that we ourselves would want to buy.  I believe that this policy has allowed Fantazia to achieve the success it has attained to date, and also that this policy will take us on to produce many more great projects for everyone to enjoy."

James Fantazia
Founder of Fantazia

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Fantazia was established in 1991 by James Fantazia and is still going strong today.  The company grew quickly and in 1992 we held 6 massive legal raves as well as a host of Club Tour dates including ones at The Hacienda & Barrowlands.   The scale & amount of the parties has never been equalled.  By 1993 the regulators turned against the large scale parties and Fantazia took a different direction setting up a successful dance music record label - 2+ million sales were to follow.


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