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Below you will find a selection from our collection of original tape packs, single tapes & rave videos.   Condition of these packs do very as you would expect with their age.  Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us.

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Promoter Format Event Price View
Pleasure Rooms
2Tape Jon pleased wimmin x 2 14.99 Buy on CD
Vol 2
1Tape No cover
Derrick Carter
2.99 Buy
Cut the Crap
1Tape No cover
Andy Weatherall
2.99 Buy
Bangkok 1Tape Mark Moore 7.99 Buy
Bangkok 1Tape Rocky & Diesel 7.99 Buy
Bangkok 1Tape Sasha 12.99 Buy on CD
Bangkok 1Tape Seb Fontaine 7.99 Buy
Bangkok 1Tape Tall Paul 7.99 Buy
Bangkok 1Tape Tony De Vit 7.99 Buy
Bangkok 2Tape Graeme Park & Christian Woodyatt 12.99 Buy
Bangkok 2Tape Graeme Park & Farley Jackmaster Funk 12.99 Buy on CD
Bangkok 2Tape Jeremy Healy & Alistair Whitehead 12.99 Buy on CD
Bangkok 2Tape Luv Dup & Jon The Pleased Wimmin 15.99 Buy on CD
Bangkok 2Tape Jon Pleased Wimmin
Tony De Vit missing
7.99 Buy on CD
Bangkok 2Tape Jeremy Healy & Mark Moore 12.99 Buy
Bangkok 2Tape Brandon Block & Alex P
(Brandon Block tape missing)
7.99 Buy
Bangkok 2Tape Dave Dorrell + Jon Pleased Wimmin 12.99 Buy
Bangkok 2Tape Jeremy Healy & Tony De Vit
(TDV Tape missing)
9.99 Buy
Bangkok 2Tape Double - Boy George & Sister Bliss
(BG tape missing)
9.99 Buy
Bangkok 2Tape Double Pack
Daniel Davoli & Allister Whitehead
18.99 Buy on CD
2Tape Tall Paul & Sister Bliss
(Tall Paul tape missing)
7.99 Buy
Pussys Collections
2Tape Dave Dorrell & Chris and James 12.99 Buy
Bass Generator Records
Showcase Part 2
The Rotterdam Experience
1Tape Mikey B Various See Dance Concept
Bassline Magazine
Favourite Circus Circus Toons
1Tape Tizer 9.99 Buy
Battle of the DJs
Vol 3
1Tape X-ray v Sci 9.99 Buy
The Beatmasters
Rhythm King
1Tape Anywayawanna
10 tracks
2.99 Buy
Belgium Import
June 1993
1Tape Boomer/Reflex 6.99 Buy
The Best of British
Bank Holiday Payback Celebration
8Tape 4 missing
Crazylegs, Swane, Shy FX, Brockie
19.99 Buy
The Best of British
Take of the Rex Part 1
Rex Music Arena
8Tape JJ Frost, R-Type, Playa, Ray Keith, Mampi Swift, Swane, Phantasy, Ed Rush, 19.99 Buy
The Best of British
14/12/01 The Big REwind
The Pre Xmas & New Year Warm Up Part 3
Bagleys London
Old Skool Jungle, Drum N Bass
6Tape Ash A Tak, Nicky Blackmarket, Zinc, Darren Jay, Dr S Gachet, Kenny Ken 19.99 Buy
The Best of British
The Pre Xmas & New Year Warm Up Part 3
Bagleys London
Drum n Bass
8Tape SS, R-Type, Andy C, Playa, Adam F, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Mampi Swift, Zinc 19.99 Buy
The Best of British
3rd Birthday Celebration
Ocean Hackney London
8Tape J Magik, Zinc, Adam F, Playa, Bad Company, Kenny Ken, R Tye/Brockie 17.99 Buy
The Best of British
The Best of Compilation
Bad Company, Andy C, Randall, Grooverider, Shy FX, Mampi Swift, Zinc, RType, Playa, John B, Hype, Adam F, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket 29.99 Buy on CD
The Best of British
4th Birthday
2 tapes missing
Bad Company vs Total Science, Grooverider, Hype, Ray Keith, R-Type, Twisted Individual, Bassline Smith, Friction, Nicky Blackmarket, SwanE, Ratpack
19.99 Buy
Billy Nasty 1Tape Billy Nasty 12.99 Buy
Billy Nasty
House Masters
Hard House
1Tape Billy Nasty 12.99 Buy on CD
The Album
2Tape Trevor Fung, Kid Bachelor 7.99 Buy
Bionic vs Slammin Vinyl Westfest 2005
Techno Arena
8Tape Mark EG, Scorpio, Producer, Trance Generators, Uberdruck, Analogue Disturbance, Cally&Juice, Bian M, Jon The Baptist, McBunn 19.99 Buy
Birmingham 94 1Tape Mark James 7.99 Buy
Black Heart
Were Kickin Hardcore
1Tape Kenny Ken 9.99 Buy
Bonded Beats 1Tape Smokin Jo No 8 9.99 Buy on CD
Bonkers 4
World Frenzy
React Music
3Tape Hixxy, Sharkey, Dougal 5.99 Buy
Bowlers / Life
The Mixes
1DVD DVD over 40 MP3 mixes 14.99 Buy
Retro Anthems #2
2Tape   15.99 Buy
Boxed 2Tape Jeremy Healy & Seb Fontaine 15.99 Buy on CD
Boxed 2Tape Danny Rampling & Tall Paul
(Danny Rampling tape missing)
9.99 Buy
Boxed 2Tape Jon pleased Wimmin & Graham Gold 14.99 Buy
Global Underground
Live in Tel Aviv
2Tape Tony De Vit 18.99 Buy on CD
Retro Anthems #1
2Tape 18.99 Buy
Breakin Science
Volume 3
8Tape Kenny Ken, Zinc, Grooverider, Ratpack, Simon Bassline Smith, JJ Frost, SS, Mampi Swift 19.99 Buy
Breakin Science
Volume 5
8Tape 2 missing
Hype, Andy C/Adam F, Brockie, Phantasy, Mickey Finn, Adam F
17.99 Buy
Breath & Technology
4Tape Chris Liberator, Mark EG, MZone, Vortex, Cally&Juice, Tim Hidgem, Will Gold, Nick The Kid 19.99 Buy
Breathe vs Bionic
Easter Special
2Tape Uberdruck, Beppe Barilli, Cally&Juice, MZone, Vortex, Nick The Kid, Brian M, Mcbunn, Beneye 9.99 Buy
The Brilliant Organisation
New York
1Tape Erick Morello 10.99 Buy
4Tape Easygroove, Vibes, Randall, Dougal 19.99 Buy on CD
Bristol Exposure
Green Cover
4Tape 1 missing
Billy Bunter, Mastervibe, Easygroove, Dj Sy, Bunjy, Seduction, Vinylgroover, Clarkee
14.99 Buy
Bugged Out
1Tape Billy Nasty 9.99 Buy

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