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Rave Scene - The Key Players & movers and shakers

In the dance scene there are a number of key players besides the DJs & artists (which you can find listed on the left), we cover a few here.  If you have any information on someone who should be covered here please send it to us:

Charlie Fantazia Fantazia, Incrediball
Chris Perception Perception, Vision, Mythology, Godskitchen,
Trance, Global Gathering
Cyperpunk The Dancing Robot
Dave Lambert Global Dance, Phantasy, Utopia
Dave Little Flyer artist (Spectrum)
Dave Nodz Flyer artist (Suburban Base)
Dave Pratley Helter Skelter, Accelerated Culture
Errol Russell Kinetic Promotions, Club Kinetic
Eruption Aka Chris Brown - United Dance
Funky Moondance, Elevation, Jungle Mania
Gary Pleasuredome
George Georgiou Flyer artist (Shoom)
Gerald Bailey Quest, Pimp, Fibre Optic, Amazon, Liquid Grooves,
Picasos, Pablos, Cloud 9, Tease, Cocoon
Gideon Dawson Obsession, Fantazia, Sound Dimension
Grant Smith Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, One Nation
Gwen Howells Ravescene Magazine & Double Dipped promoter
Hixxy HTID, Raver Baby, DJ
James Fantazia Fantazia, Trance, Incrediball
Jim Tang Adrenalin Corporation & Dreamscape flyer designer & promoter of 20th anniversary party
Junior Tomlin Flyer Artist
Kes Quest, Pimp, Fibre Optic, Amazon, Liquid Grooves, Picasos,
Pablos, Cloud 9, Tease
Kevin Camp Top Guard Security Founder
Mark Lambert HTID, Raver Baby, Random Concept, Uproar,
Sidewinder, Old Skool Til I die
Mickey Lynas Dance Trance, Amnesia House
Mike Cosford (C) Incantation, DJ, Fantazia A&R Man
Mike Rooney Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, One Nation
Mr 3D The Ultimate Dancing robot
Murray Beaton Dreamscape, ESP
Oli Timmins Flyer Artists (Universe, Vibes Alive, Sutra)
Paul Shurey Universe, Final Frontier
Pez The Flyer artist (Helter Skelter, World Dance etc)
Ralph Oracle Flyer Promotions
Ricky Macgown Colours, BTTF, Coloursfest, Fantasylands
Rik-o-Shea The Dancing Robot
Sean McClusky Merry England & Love Ranch
Seduction Uproar, Impact Records, United Dance, Hardcore Heaven
Terry Turbo The Scene, One Nation, Turbo Promotions, Garage Nation, Dreamscape, Inspiration
Tony Colston Hayter Sunrise illegal rave organisation
Tony Hannon Soak, Up Yer Ronson


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