The contents included:

1 Playing board, 1 poster, 6 playing pieces, 6 rave site markers, 6 trip-tychs, 1 police car, 1 police helicopter, 2 diversion counters, 18 flyers, 1 set of vibes cards, 1 pack dance cards, money,  energy tokens (E), 2 dice, 6 A-Z cards & 1 tape.

Below are a selection of pictures from the game.

If you played it and enjoyed it tells us all about it on the forum!  Would be great if some one did a conversion to an online game so we could all play there's a thought!

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The Rave Game - by Wow Enterprises

Released at the height of the rave days was the Rave Game, by Wow Enterprises.   Apparently it was banned by the government for promoting drug taking,  but we suspect this was just a publicity stunt,  unless anyone knows better!   The adventure begins in Trip City.  With fifty quid in your pocket and buzzing with energy you get a flyer and follow the rumours around the board to get gear and find a party.  There are lots of dead ends and police to arrest you (cars and helicopters!).


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