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DJ Boy George

Forget the dreadlocks and the long flowing skirts, DJ Boy George has taken on a new identity and a change of direction. 

Although it must be said that DJ Boy George has been working the decks for quite a number of years now, and we at Fantazia can remember him charging up the dance floors at Phillip Sallon's legendary Mud Club over on Tottenham Court Road back in '87, there has been, however, a change of pace, and his bookings have been everywhere, seeing him travel from Argentina to Japan to the States. 

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DJ Boy George describes himself as practising the Marxist Theory by having many jobs, he has penned an autobiography, put together a new band and fired up his record company. 

We can see that DJ Boy George is not one to let the grass grow under his feet and to put the cherry on the cake, in 1994 he teamed up with Fantazia to put out his first DJ mix album.    Boy George was partnered with other top DJs Tony De Vit & Jon of the Pleased Wimmin to mix the Fantazia album The House Collection 2 CD.   Packed with the best House music of the period, still a classic album to this day.

Boy Georges mix on Fantazia House Collection 2 CD
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DJ Boy George - Profile 2

DJ Boy George's real name is George O'Dowd. He was born in Eltham, Kent in 1961. During the early 80's he became a regular in London on the "New Romantic" club scene. His flamboyant cross-dressing style and his appearances at clubs in London were regularly featured in magazines.

From 1979 DJ Boy George worked as a DJ alongside Jeremy Healy until he joined forces with DJ Michael Craig and drummer Jon Moss in 1982 to form the 80's super group Culture Club. Over the next four years, the group made history with their music including the huge hits "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me". The group dissolved in 1986.

DJ Boy George struggled through a heroin addiction during some rough years before he came clean in 1987and re-emerged as a solo singer with "Everything I Own", which gave him his first solo #1 hit.

In 1989 Boy George formed his own record label, More Protein, and fronted a new band called Jesus Loves You. His autobiography, Take It Like A Man, recalling his extraordinary life, was published in 1995. Culture Club briefly reformed in 1999 for a tour and a new album.

Today Boy George is recognized foremost as a leading dance music DJ, a solo artist and for his Broadway musical Taboo.


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