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Groove 2 Eclipse mix CDs & DVDs

The following are all events CDs & DVDs from Groove 2 parties from the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire areas of the UK from the 90's.   These are converted from original tapes. Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us.   Payment info at bottom.

FlyerTitleLive DJs SetsPriceView
Any 3 CDs (17% off)14.99Buy
Any 6 CDs (25% off)26.99Buy
Any 9 CDs (36% off)34.99Buy

Eclipse 17/11/90
Corn Exchange
Doug Osborne (MC Stuart Banks) (Sound poor)6.00Buy
Eclipse 16/11/91
Corn Exchange
Lee Coombs / Stu Banks (MCs Ron Jon / Action Jackson)6.00Buy
Eclipse 21/12/91
Corn Exchange
Trevor Fung part 1 (MC Ron Jon / Stu Banks)6.00Buy
DJ Unity (MC Ron Jon)Buy
Trevor Fung part 2 (MCs Ron Jon & Stu Banks)Buy
Stuart Banks (No MCs)Buy
All 4 CDs (32% off)16.49Buy
Eclipse 25/01/92
Corn Exchange
Trimma / The Face (MCs Ryan / Ron Jon)6.00Buy
Stu Banks / Pauly C (MC Ron Jon)Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Eclipse 15/02/92
Corn Exchange
Simon Bassline Smith (MC Ron Jon / Stuart Banks)6.00Buy
Jam Master Jay (Mcs Ron Jon / Stuart Banks)Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Eclipse 30/05/92
Corn Exchange
DJ Unity (No MC)6.00Buy
Jumpin Jack Frost (MC Ron Jon)Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Eclipse 12/09/92
Out Door Festival
Devious D (MC Jay J) SL26.00Buy
Mickey Finn (No MC)Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Eclipse 06/02/93
Corn Exchange
Stuart Banks (MCs Ron Jon & Madness)6.00Buy
Phantasy (MC Ron Jon)Buy
Grooverider (MCs Ron Jon / Madness)Buy
All 3 CDs (28% off)12.99Buy
Eclipse 20/03/93
Corn Exchange
Seduction (MCs Ron Jon & Madness)6.00Buy
Devious D (MC Jay J)Buy
Jo Jo Rock / LTJ Bukem (MCs Ron Jon & Conrad)Buy
Stuart Banks (No MC)Buy
Top Buzz (MCs Mad P)Buy
Clarkee (MCs Madness & Contagious)Buy
All 7 CDs (41% off)23.99Buy
Eclipse 15/05/93
Corn Exchange
Kenny Ken
(MCs Madness & Bassman)
Jo Jo Rock & Stuart Banks (MCs Madness)Buy
Fabio (MC Madness)Buy
Gappa G (MC Screech)Buy
All 4 CDs (32% off)16.49Buy
 Kink March 97Nigel G & Danny Edwards part 16.00Buy
Nigel G & Danny Edwards part 2Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
 Kink Saturday 97
Hollywood Ipswich
Pete Wardman6.00Buy
DJ PantsBuy
Craig JensonBuy
Andy ManstonBuy
All 4 CDs (32% off)16.49Buy
 Club UK 02/12/95
UK Ipswich 
2nd Anniversary Ball
Luv Dup6.00Buy
EclipseThe DVD
19 Different Discs from different events from 1991+
from 8.99View now

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