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Fantazia is just a part of a huge dance scene covering 20+ years & many musical styles, from Hardcore to Drum n Bass, House to Techno.   It is open to discussion as to when this all started in the UK, generally speaking around 1987/88 Acid House was born and grew up into  Clubs like the Hacienda, Heaven, Shoom & Hedonism, from there the rave scene flourished with initial illegal raves and later licensed raves like Fantazia

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At the height of the Acid House boom, musician Dancin' Danny D released a record under the guise of D-Mob entitled "We Call It Acideed".  When it got television coverage on Top Of The Pops, parents jammed the switchboard with furious complaints about the word "Acieed" - meaning Acid / LSD.  This led producer Brian Whitehouse to ban any record with such a word in it from being played on the show.  The TV censorship of this type of House music was  then followed by a radio ban.  Naturally, the tabloid press followed suit, and added to the media panic by implying rave culture was all about drugs.  Their intention may have been to destroy this growing scene for the good they thought they were doing, but in fact, all they really did was add fuel to the fire:  each time they associated it with drugs, the more the scene grew and grew into large scale rave events like Biology, Energy and Sunrise.

We will be adding new sections as soon as we can.   But there is lots of information to look at anyway.   If you can help with flyers, articles, reviews etc we would love to receive them........



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