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Below you will find a selection from our collection of original tape packs, single tapes & rave videos.   Condition of these packs do very as you would expect with their age.  Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us.

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1TapeMickey Finn14.99Buy
Gallery 921TapeTony Walker & PBT7.99Buy
Garage Fever
Alexander Palace
8Tape3 missing
norris da Boss Windross, Jason Kaye, Jon Manning, Martin Langer, Pied Piper, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd
Garage Fever
Volume 4
The Boxing Day Sessions
8Tapefront cover missing
Pay as U Go Cartel, Ray Hurley, Jon D'Vinyl Manning, Martin Larner, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Masterstepz, Ez, Adrian Atom
Garage Fever
Volume 5
MC Spark's Birthday Bash
8Tape1 missing
Jon da Vinyl Manning, Adrian Atom, Heartless Crew, Nicky Blackmarket, Ez, Matt Jam Lamont, Pier Piper, Ray Hurley, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd
19.99Buy on CD
Garage Gold
Vol 2
8TapeMikee B, Norris Da Boss Windross, Francis James, Chris Lockdown, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Ez, Jason Kaye19.99Buy
Garage Nation
The Halloween Special
8Tape2 missing
E-z, Danny Foster, Scott Garcia, Timmi Magic, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Jason Kaye
14.99Buy on CD
Garage Nation
Valentines Ball
12TapeMasterstepz, David Gray, Pied Piper, Pay As You Go, Phat Cats, Da ill Kidz, Dr Psycho, Jason Kaye, Stickey, Norris Da Boss Windross, Trick or Treat, Da Firing Squad24.99Buy
Garage Nation
New Years Day Party
Jason Kaye, Pay as you go cartel, Karl Tuff Enuff Brown, Genius Crew, Masterstepz, Pied Piper, Trick or Treat, Francis James, Swerve, Shortee Blitz, Firing Squad29.99Buy on CD
Garage Nation vs Fantazia
@ Gmex
8Tape4 missing
Andy Jay, Jason Kaye, Ramsey Fen, Timmi Magic
Garage Nation
Gold cover
8Tape1 missing
Ez, Pied Piper, Martin Larner, V2 Crew, Matt Jam Lamont, Ramsey + Fen, Timmi Magic, Jason Kaye
Garage Nation
The Ayia Napa Sessions 1999
8TapeRamsey, Booker T, Timmi Magic, Mikee B, Pied Piper, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Ramsey, Booker, Jason Kaye, Ray Hurley19.99Buy on CD
Garage Nation
The Payback
Silver Cover
Girls Head
8TapeTimmi Magic, Mikee B, Norris Da Boss Windross, Jason Kaye, Mike Ruffcut Lloyd, Pied Piper, MArtin Larner, Ray hurley, Laurence Bagnall19.99SOLD
Garage Nation
2nd Birthday Celebration
8Tape2 missing
Mystic Matt, Rojay, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Hermit, Jason Kaye
Garage Nation
The Halloween Special
Club Coliseum, London
8TapePied Piper, E-z, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Norris Da Boss Windross, Jason Kaye, Dave Gray, Mikee B, Timmi Magic19.99Buy on CD
Garage Nation
The Millennium Celebration
8TapeRay Hurley, E-z, Pied Piper, Martin Larner, Norris Da Boss Windross, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Jason Kaye, Mikee B19.99Buy on CD
Garage Nation
The Valentines Payback Special 2000
Temple Music Arena
8TapeMartin Larner, Mikee B, Timmi Magic, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Norris Da Boss, E-z, Caprice, Andy Chambers, Jason Kaye19.99Buy
Garage Nation
Rex Music Arena
The Spring Ball
8TapeMikee B, Ez, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Jason Kaye, Pied Piper, Martin Langer, Norris Da Boss, Pied Piper, Timmi Magic14.99Buy
Garage Nation
The Sanctuary
Milton Keynes
8Tape1 missing
Jason Kaye, Ramsey Fen, Timmi Magic, Mikee B, Timmi Magic, Norris Da Boss Norris, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Pied Piper
Garage Nation
Black Girl/ Orange Cover
8Tape2 missing
Karl Tuff Enuff Brown, Timmi Magic, Spooney, Mikee B, Jason Kaye, Mike Ruff Cutt Lloyd, EZ, Pied Piper
Garage Nation
4th Birthday Celebration
8TapePied Piper, Masterstepz, Ray Hurley, Luck, Sticky, Jason Kaye19.99Buy
Garage Nation
The Ayia Napa Y2K Sessions
Club Emporium & Club Icekube
8TapeRamsey + Fen, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Jason Kaye, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Funky Smith, Charlie Brown, Footloose19.99Buy
Garage Nation
Valentines Celebration 2001
8TapeNorris Da Boss Windross, Jason Kaye, Luck, Neat, Trick Treat, Sticky, Mikee B, Masterstepz, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd19.99SOLD
Garage Nation
Essential Festival 2001
8TapeAntonio, Sticky, Timmi Magic, Spoony, Pied Piper, Pay as you go, Luck + MC Neat, Ray Hurley19.99Buy
Garage Nation
The Spring Ball
8TapeSo Solid Crew, Pay as you go Crew, Jason Kaye, Masterstepz, Sticky, Mikee B, Martin Marner and Pier Piper, Ramsey & Fenn19.99Buy
Garage Nation
The Ayia Napa /Ibiza Reunion
8TapeRay Hurley, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Pied Piper, Martin Larner, Laurence Bagnall, So Solid Crew, Spoony, Jason Kaye, Ramsey, Fen19.99Buy
Garage Nation
Club Coliseum, London
8TapeTimmi Magic, Ramsey + Fen, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Norris Da Boss Windross, Mikey B, Jason Kaye, Pied Piper, Laurence Bagnall 19.99Buy
Garage Nation
8TapeThe So Solid Crew, Timmi Magic, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Ray Hurley, Luck + MC Neat, E-Z, Norris Da Boss Windross, Jason Kaye19.99Buy
Garage Nation
The Bank Holiday Payback 2001
8TapeLuck, Ray Hurley, So Solid Crew, Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd, Pay as you go Cartel, Jason Kaye, Ray Hurley/Pied Piper, Sticky19.99Buy
Garage Nation
12Tape(1 missing)
Masterstepz, Ramsey, Fen, Jason Kaye, Sticky, Ed Case, Mikee B, Luck, Neat, Genius Crew, Norris Da Boss, Heartless Crew, So solid Crew, Trick or Treat
The Techno Gods
Released 1995
12TapeRibbz, Warlock, Mark EG, Scorpio, Producer, Colin Dale, Dream, Tanith, Technotrance, Intense, Fade24.99Buy
 Global Techno1TapeColin Dale5.99Buy
Goa in the Mix2TapePaul Oakenfold15.99Buy on CD
1TapeDanny Rampling5.99Buy SOLD
Global Chaos
1VideoIt's like TV tripping12.99Buy
Global Underground
San Francisco
2Tape1 tape missing
The Goldmine Collection
e addiction 5
1TapeDJ Sy12.99Buy
Great Tunes
Pack 2
3TapeSmokin Jo, Graeme Park, Rocky & Diesel14.99Buy
Great Tunes
Pack 5
4Tape1 missing
John Digweed, Sasha, Graeme Park, Allistair Whitehead

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