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Rave Event Mix CDs - Promoters - L

The following are all  CD recordings sets from rave promoters from over the last 20 years. They included many classics tunes and are a great memory of the rave scene. Many have MC's some do not.  Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us.   Payment info at bottom.

Quick Links: 1Love - Le Palais - Ledge - Let Yourself - Life - Limbo - Liquid Grooves - London Soundz - Love of Life - Lust
FlyerEventDJsPriceView Basket
Any 3 CDs (17% off)14.99Buy
Any 6 CDs (25% off)26.99Buy
Any 9 CDs (36% off)34.99Buy
Brunel Rooms 21/10
Judge Jules part 16.00Buy
Judge Jules part 2Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Len eNo 11 (Hard Trance 1993)6.00Buy
No 13 (Hard Trance Bubble Cover)Buy
Progression Thru FlowBuy
All 3 CDs (28% off)12.99Buy
Le Palais SheffieldSasha6.00Buy
Ledge Roar Feb 95Mickey Finn6.00Buy
Les Cigales
Let Yourself be FreeTurbo Rod 20006.00Buy
Life / BowlersVarious sets from the famous Bowlers club in ManchesterVariousView now
House of Limbo
The Fubar
Jack Walker6.00Buy
Parks & WilsonBuy
Both CDs (17% discount)9.99Buy
Liquid Grooves
Lot 1
Graham Park6.00Buy
Masters of WorkBuy
Alex PBuy
Brandon BlockBuy
Jon Pleased Wimmin part 1Buy
Jon Pleased Wimmin part 2Buy
Jeremy HealyBuy
John KellyBuy
All 8 CDs (39% off)24.99Buy
Liquid Grooves
Lot 2
C J Macintosh part 1 (1996)6.00Buy
C J Macintosh part 2 (1996)Buy
C J Macintosh part 1Buy
C J Macintosh part 2Buy
Danny Rampling part 1 (1996)Buy
Danny Rampling part 2 (1996)Buy
Tom Wainwright Part 1 (1996)Buy
Tom Wainwright Part 2 (1996)Buy
All 8 CDs24.99Buy
All 16 Liquid Groove CDs39.99Buy
Lisa UniqueFilthy6.00Buy
Live n DirectAlistair Whitehead part 16.00Buy
Alistair Whitehead part 2Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Live n Loud 2003Ride vs Masterstepz (MC Viper)6.00Buy
Live n Loud
Club Classics Vol 2, 2002
Eddie MBuy
Live n Loud Vol 2 DNBIllusivesBuy
Live n Loud Vol 4 2002IllusivesBuy
All 3 CDs (28% off)14.99Buy
Logical Progression
James Lavell/Andy Weatherall Part 16.00Buy
James Lavell/Andy Weatherall Part 2Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
London Soundz Spring 94Technotrance6.00Buy
London Soundz
Happy Hardcore 2
All 4 CDs (37.5% off)14.99Buy
Lost in SpaceJohn Kelly6.00Buy
Smokin JoeBuy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
Love 2 Be Part 1 & 26.00Buy
Part 3 & 4Buy
Both Love 2 Be CDs (17% off)9.99Buy

Love of Life
Group 3
Jumping Jack Frost 19946.00Buy
Top Buzz (Master Mix)Buy
Billy Nasty (Master Mix May 95)Buy
Ray Collins (Master Mix Dec 95)Buy
Hard House - Tall PaulBuy
Mickey FinnBuy
Mix Master Max (1992)Buy
All 8 CDs (48% off)25.99Buy
Love of Life
Master Mix
Jon Pleased Wimmin6.00Buy
LTJ Bukem/Ellis Dee/Warlock part 2Buy
Chris & James (1996)Buy
Sasha (Aug 94)Buy
All 4 CDs (38% off)14.99Buy

Love of Life
Group 4
Ray Keith (Monster Cover)6.00Buy
Little Louise/Kenny Dope part 1 (Masters at Work)Buy
Little Louise/Kenny Dope part 2 (Masters at Work)Buy
Danny Rampling part 1 (10/95)Buy
Danny Rampling part 2 (10/95)Buy
John Kelly part 1 (09/95)Buy
John Kelly part 2 (09/95)Buy
Sasha (09/95)Buy
Paul Oakenfold (11/95)Buy
All 9 CDs (48% off)29.99Buy

Love of Life
Group 1
Danny Rampling (1996)6.00Buy
John Kelly (1996)Buy
Eddie Lock (Classics 7)Buy
Jeremy Healy (03/95)Buy
Graeme Park (04/95)Buy
Paul Oakenfold (05/95)Buy
Graeme Park Buy
Paul OakenfoldBuy
All 6 CDs (39% off)21.99Buy
Love of Life
Group 2
Judge Jules 6.00Buy
Clarkee (Techno Masters)Buy
Jon Pleased Wimmin (Jelly Stone Park 10/94)Buy
Eddie Lock (Club Classics)Buy
Carl Cox (House, Jan 95)Buy
Eddie Lock (Ibiza Club Classics 6) part 1Buy
Eddie Lock (Ibiza Club Classics 6) part 2Buy
Eddie Lock (Live in Ibiza 14)Buy
Graham Gold (1996)Buy
All 9 CDs (48% off)27.99Buy
Love Parade
Westbam part 16.00Buy
Westbam part 2Buy
Both CDs (17% off)9.99Buy
LustNigel Nuttall6.00Buy

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