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Life & Bowlers Event CDs

The following are all event CDs from the great Life & Bowlers parties.   These have been converted from original tapes.  Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions or email us.   Payment info at bottom.

FlyerTitleIndividual DJs SetsPriceView
Any 3 CDs14.99Buy
Any 6 CDs26.99Buy
Any 9 CDs 34.99Buy
Club Tour
Bowlers, Manchester
27th August 1994
Carl Cox6 eachBuy
Stu AllenBuy
Kenny GroganBuy
John WaddickerBuy
All 5 CDs (20% discount)19.99Buy
Northern Innovation
1st Birthday

Bowlers, Manchester
Brisk / Hixxy part 16.00Buy
Brisk / Hixxy part 2Buy
Force & StylesBuy
Mzone / Kenny Sharp part 1Buy
Mzone / Kenny Sharp part 2Buy
Scott Brown/Stu Allan part 1Buy
Scott Brown/Stu Allan part 2Buy
Vibes/Dougal part 1Buy
Vibes/Dougal part 2Buy
All 12 CDs33.99Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
DJ Welly Part 16.00Buy
DJ Welly Part 2Buy
Both Bowlers 1992 CDs9.99Buy
Dec 93
Part 16.00Buy
Part 2 (very poor sound)Buy
Both CDs9.99Buy
Life Goes on
Footage from Manchester Rave venue Bowlers from 19921xDVDR
 Life @ Bowlers
The Residents
Yellow Belly part 16.00Buy
Yellow Belly part 2Buy
Black Magic part 1Buy
Black Magic part 2Buy
Cake Pink part 1Buy
Cake Pink part 2Buy
Deep Blue part 1Buy
Deep Blue part 2Buy
Kiwi Green part 1Buy
Kiwi Green part 2Buy
National Anthem part 1Buy
National Anthem part 2Buy
Red Devil part 1Buy
Red Devil part 2Buy
All 16 Bowlers Residents CDs39.99Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
Pull Yer Face
Part 1 (04)Buy
Part 2 (04)Buy
1994 part 1 part ABuy
1994 part 1 part BBuy
1994 part 2 part ABuy
1994 part 2 part BBuy
All 7 Bowlers Pull Yer Face CDs24.99Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
Sully (97)6.00Buy
John Waddicker part 1Buy
John Waddicker part 2Buy
All 3 Bowlers Bounce CDs12.99Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
Welly & Vertigo6.00Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
2nd Birthday
Part 16.00Buy
Part 2Buy
Both Life @ Bowlers 2nd Birthday CDs9.99Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
New Year 93
Part 1 Section A6.00Buy
Part 1 Section BBuy
Part 2 Section ABuy
Part 2 Section BBuy
Part 3 Section ABuy
Part 3 Section BBuy
All 6 Bowlers New Year 93 CDs22.99Buy
 Best of Life @ Bowlers
August 94
Part 16.00Buy
Part 2Buy
Both Best of Life 08/94 CDs9.99Buy
 Best of Life @ Bowlers
October 94
Part 16.00Buy
Part 2Buy
Both Best of Life 10/94 CDs9.99Buy
 Ultimate Revival
Part 16.00Buy
Part 2Buy
Both Bowlers Ultimate Revivial 94 CDs9.99Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
New Year 94
Stu Allan part 16.00Buy
Stu Allan part 2Buy
Bowa part 1Buy
Bowa part 2Buy
Nipper part 1Buy
Nipper part 2Buy
All 6 Bowlers New Year 94 CDs22.49Buy
Life @ Bowlers
Flip Flop & Welly (6)6.00Buy
Welly (MC Bibi) (October)Buy
Both Life Bowlers 95 CDs9.99Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
New Year 95
Paul Walker (10)6.00Buy
Triple XBuy
Nipper (12)Buy
All 3 Bowlers New Year 95 CDs12.99Buy
New Year 96
Mix 34 Ultimate Revival6.00Buy
Mix 35 BounceBuy
Mix 33 LifeBuy
Mix 36 The AsylumBuy
All 4 Bowlers New Year 96 CDs16.49Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
Revival Sessions (15)
Part 1 Section A6.00Buy
Part 1 Section BBuy
Part 1 Section CBuy
Part 2 Section ABuy
Part 2 Section BBuy
All 5 Bowlers Revival Sessions19.99Buy
4th Birthday 25/05/96
Mix 166.00Buy
Mix 17 part 1Buy
Mix 17 part 2Buy
Both Bowlers 4th Birthday All 3CDs12.99Buy
Best of Life 1996 @ BowlersClub Mix 256.00Buy
Club Mix 26Buy
Club Mix 27Buy
Club Mix 28Buy
All 4 Best of Life 96 CDs16.49Buy
 Ultimate Revival
Club Mix 226.00Buy
Club Mix 23Buy
Club Mix 24Buy
All 3 Bowlers Ultimate Revival 27/07/96 CDs12.99Buy
 Ultimate Revival
John Waddicker6.00Buy
Rick JonesBuy
All 4 Bowlers Ultimate Revival 97 CDs16.49Buy
 Life @ Bowlers
Fools Party
Part 16.00Buy
Part 2Buy
Both Bowlers Fools Party CDs9.99Buy
5th Birthday
Mix 37 6.00Buy
Mix 38 Buy
Mix 39 Buy
Mix 40 Buy
All 4 Bowlers 5th Birthday CDs16.49Buy

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