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DJ Hixxy Profile

Hixxy is from Portsmouth, UK and his DJ roots can be found with an obsession for US Hip Hop and Rap and watching DMX Championship Videos. In the early 90s when Rave culture was sweeping the UK, Hixxy got caught up in the tide. He met up with Ramos, Supreme and Sunset Regime and started playing out across the south coast of the UK. In 1992 he met DJ Dougal at Dreamscape and a legendry partnership was born, soon they created their own label... Essential Platinum.

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Hixxys big production break came in 1995 when he released, with the then MC Sharkey... Toytown, a massive hit that can still be heard being played at Raves even today. The tune was released by React Records and Hixxy had made a name for himself. In 1996 Hixxy released his first Album.. the Massive Bonkers series was born, the third instalment went silver and is the biggest selling Hardcore series ever.

By 1999 the Hardcore scene was dying and Hixxy was becoming disillusioned with the tracks being released and felt the scene had had it. After a lot of soul searching Hixxy felt he couldn't abandon a scene he had put so much energy, time and money into. A decision he is now glad he made, as by 2001 Hardcore was going from strength to strength, with lots of new Raves, tunes and labels being born including his new label Raver Baby. Hixxy has also worked under the monikers OMG and, with Sunset Regime, released many tracks under "Antisocial".

DJ Hixxy Discography:

Up-Rising (12") Legendary Music
Back In Business / Senti La Passione (12") Noize
Heart Of Africa / Random Access (12") Noize
Seen The Future / Forever Comes (12") B Trax
Timescape / Baby Tainted (12") B Trax
Castles / Dreams (12") Raver Baby
Welcome / It's Alright (12") Raver Baby
Joining Of The Clans Part 6 (12") Joining Of The Clans

DJ Hixxy Remixes

So In Love / On My Own (Remixes) (12") My Own




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