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Rhythm Section Profile

Seated in an inflatable chair in his record company office in the beating heart of Soho it was seven years ago that Rennie Pilgrem first toiled in the studio to produce the sonic fruits which would help provide the soundscape for the early hardcore days. After meeting up with the DJ Ellis Dee it was he who dragged the rave virgin Rennie in to the maelstrom of hardcore chaos erupting in the Dungeon club in East London.

A bit of persuasion from Mr Dee and Rennie soon dragged his studio set up in to the club and was playing live in classic rave style as the sun rose to the rapturous Eíd up hordes. There were all races, all classes, people from fourteen to forty everyone just going completely mad. 

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Gaining inspiration from these sweat drenched nights Rennie, Ellis Dee and two other producers (Richard Thake and Nick 'Newton' Scott) formed Rhythm Section who would go on to play at all the big out door events which worried Trevor McDonalds and Co. were soon reporting on.

Fantazia, Universe, World Dance, Perception and Raindance all had the knob twiddling addition of Rhythm Section gracing the stage and moving the crowd.   After the success of their first single 'Check Out The Bass' Rhythm Section recorded the classic 'Coming On Strong EP' which would have made the charts were it not for the fact it didnít have a barcode.  Rennie doesnít seem at all miffed about this as he explains 'It still sold about 15,000 and was so big it stayed in the dance charts for about a year and a half.'

As the rave scene started to go down in a different direction,  Rennie and Co. decided to call it a day with Rhythm Section.   'We had majors interested but they didnít understand it at all so we ended it.'

Rhythm Section played at many of the early Fantazia parties including New Year 1991, as well as a others like Raindance, Perception & World Dance.

Rhythm Section Releases

Atomic EP (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1991
Check Out The Bass Bass (12") Rhythm Section Recordings, 1991
Circuit Breaker (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1991
Comin' On Strong EP (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1991
Midsummer Madness EP (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1992
Remixes Volume 1 (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1992
Rhythm Takes Control (House Mixes) (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1993
The Chainsaw (Hard Mixes) (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1993
Rhythm Section II The Sequel (2x12") Not On Label 1995
Check Out The Bass 96 (12") Rhythm Section Recordings 1996

Links to Fantazia

Rhythm Section played at a number of Fantazia events including:

Fantazia New Year 1991
Fantazia Second Sight


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