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DJ Scott Brown Profile & Interview

After a hard day loitering in a record shop we leave Wigan to meet up with the Tartan Techno Tyrant, DJ Scott Brown. Scott Brown is Scottish Techno. This man has been knocking out quality releases for the last five years over six different labels, Evolution, Evolution Gold, Twisted Vinyl, Screwdriver, Corrosive and Push records. Between these six he has released over one hundred and twenty different twelve inchers, not to mention scores of remixes, albums and material through Q-Tex. Every one of these tracks have become well known anthems and get caned at raves all over the world, tracks like ‘Now Is The Time’, ‘Acid Anthem’, ‘Equazion’, ‘Fuck You’, ‘Technophobia’ and many more. This man is a legend, even though he supports Rangers…

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So donned in Celtic tops we met Scott and his sidekick Gordon (aka The Doctor) in the backroom of our first club night, ‘Fever’ at Kennedy’s Nightclub, Blackpool. This small but lively venue was the first part of our journey with the second being one hundred and fifty miles down the M6 at Burton-Upon-Trent’s bustling Kick Night at the Riverside Complex. Just the arrival of Scott Brown lifted the atmosphere inside the venue as he got to work with a mean section of bouncy happy Scottish Techno. The noise from the whistle and horn crew grew louder and louder as Scott gracefully mixed white label after white label of his new releases. Halfway through the night, Scott skilfully oozed in his remix of ‘Now Is The Time’ as soon as it kicked in, the club erupted. As his set came to a close the crowd and Gordon asked for it harder and faster, Scott duly replied with him finishing off with one of his new releases on Twisted Vinyl, ‘The Maniac’ – Cybermaniac EP, now I have been to many raves over the years and I haven’t heard anything as hard as this. It definitely separated the men from the boys. Check it out when it gets released, but be warned those with heart conditions.

As we left the bright lights of Blackpool in very heavy traffic for our trip down the M6, I managed to grab an insight into the lad himself and how he first got into DJ’ing. “It must have been early 1993, I was DJ’ing as a hobby and it looked fun. I know that sounds a bit corny but basically I started getting bookings because I’m in the band Q-Tex and word got around and things just developed from there. My first break in England came when I was booked to play at Tomorrow’s World at the infamous Venue 44 and also Club Kinetic in Stoke, so I’ve really got Gary at Vibealite and Andy and Glen at Club Kinetic to thank”.

It was now 12.05 and we have only got as far as Charnock Richard services just outside Wigan. So a stop to fill up with petrol and empty our bladders was the order of the day, we still have at least ninety miles to go and it doesn’t seem like we will make Burton on time for Scott’s 1.00am – 2.00am set. We all jump back in the car and start our journey once again, talking about the Scottish and English scenes whilst munching our sandwiches, does he think that there is a big difference?

“The Scottish crowds like the music harder but saying that the Scottish producers are now releasing a lot of English sounding stuff and vice-versa which is very good as it’s getting me a lot more bookings and DJ’s like Brisk and Hixxy are getting a lot of bookings North of the border, so it’s good for everyone”.

Being a top DJ and producer gives Scott the chance to travel around the world, he says “Australia’s good anytime because it gives me the chance to have a holiday down under, I’ve also played Mayday in Germany which was fantastic. But my best moments were in Italy at a place called The Number One Club in Bresicia which is situated just outside Milan. It boasts three massive arenas playing Hardcore, Trance and Pop, and this club pulls an amazing fifteen thousand people every week”. No doubt, promoters in this country would kill for a crowd that size, week in week out in the UK.

“Guest DJ’s like myself are flown in each month and on this particular occasion I was booked to play alongside Lenny Dee on a special night called ‘Hardcore Warriors’. This event pulled in an astonishing twenty five thousand people”.

“In England I like playing at Kinetic because a lot of people come to see me which is really good, also United Dance, which has a kicking sound system and a very up for it crowd. This is also where I had one of my most embarrassing moments, I was mixing two records together, I believe it was ‘High Rollers’, which has a part which all of a sudden slows down and at this time I was mixing in a tune with a very fast beat which went all to cock and by the time I realised it was too late. I looked behind me and DJ Sy was standing there pissing his sides” Up in Scotland there is Rezerection which is great but sometimes they have trouble with the sound which really pisses me off, also Fubar (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) in Sterling which is my home crowd so they are wonderful”. At this moment our driver Gordon who also happens to be a DJ says, “Don’t forget Nosebleed”, a club that I’ve never heard of but with a name like that it can only be good!

Time is now against us, being at least forty miles from Burton and I’m in need of the loo, the boys kindly pull over to let me relieve myself, I got back in the car so quickly I have not even time to do my jeans up. We are off burning rubber once again.

We pass the legendary Club Kinetic and negotiate the road works which seem to have been there as long as the Hardcore Mecca.

Discussing other DJ’s whilst travelling at warp speed, we learned of the respect that Scott has for his fellow partners on the turntables. “Yes, I have a lot of respect for a lot of DJ’, I could be here all night running off a big list, but the English DJ’s I have a lot of time for because they are pretty genuine people, same as Scottish DJ’s. I get on really well with Marc Smith and not forgetting the driver here, ‘The Doctor’ who has a new record company out on one of my labels shortly (plug plug). Worldwide, I get on with DJ Paul from Holland and also Ralphie Dee, every time I go over there all I get is believed up all the time because we’re all into the same thing”.

“MC’s I don’t mind, but sometimes they do my box in particularly when I’m mixing and all I’ve got coming through the monitor is “da da da da”, that really pisses me off, but I would rather have an MC than not have one. In Scotland I rate MC Triple X and Skinner, down South I like Matrix at Kinetic, but tell you the truth when I’m DJ’ing I don’t listen to them, I only get to hear them when I get a tape of myself which is not very often, so if anybody out there has a tape of me and an MC feel free to sent them to me”.

Time is even more against us now, it’s one o’clock and we are a good ten miles off Burton, so we have just got time to touch on the subject which is uppermost on everybody’s minds, drugs within the scene. “There are two ways to look at this, I’m not going to preach about them, personally I don’t touch them, it’s bad from a point of view that people are dying from them, recently I went to a funeral of a good friend of mine, James McCab who died in the Metro Club in Salcoats and it brought back home to me that’s not what enjoying yourself if all about. But if people want to take drugs they should do it in moderation, drink water, not too much, not too little and chill out regularly. If the drugs weren’t there I don’t think we would have a scene and in all honesty it’s not that drugs are making the scene, they have just become a big part of it”.

Scott does feel that the Government, ‘Just Say No’ campaign isn’t working. “When you get people like the Michael Forsythe MP going around during ‘Scotland Against Drugs’ campaign preaching to all the fourteen to fifteen years olds saying don’t do drugs, all the kids are going to do is stick two fingers up at him and go ahead and do it. All you can say to them, if you’re going to do it, then be sensible and careful”.

As we accelerate into Burton town centre I ask Scott where does he see the scene heading to, because there is talk of a national chart placing when Hixxy’s and Sharkey’s ‘Toytown’ gets released. “The thing is, Force and Styles have just released an album and every man and his dog is going to buy it, it’s the same way Jungle crossed over a few years ago. I don’t know if Hardcore is going to do as much as that, but Hardcore sales are definitely going up so it won’t be long until something charts.

Scott doesn’t use a crystal ball to look into the future, he is very realistic about what it all holds for the Brown clan a few years down the line. “In five years time I’ll probably be cleaning shit houses because I’ve spent all my money on crap! Seriously though, if the scene is still going I would like to be a part of it, because so many people come and go, not many English people know that I’ve been into this scene since 1991 with the band Q-Tex and it’s only been in the last two years that I have become a bigger name. If I’m not DJ’ing in five years time then I want to be producing, because I’ve got my own studio. Q-Tex are still a major priority of mine as we have a new single coming out in late October called ‘Do U Want Me?’. The last single reached number thirty in the charts last June and hopefully this one will get into the top twenty”.

We arrived in Burton having broken the land speed record and collecting three more points on the license, being fifteen minutes late I grab his record box and dash into the club knocking everybody flying. We were greeted by a packed top floor already bouncing up and down to the resident DJ, Danny B. Kick promoter, Mark Aldrich told us that Scott Brown is the most requested DJ from the kick Hardcore members. Kicks policy is to book the big Hardcore names every week and Mark said, “Scott is an internationally famous DJ and worth every penny”. The crowd cheer as he graced the decks. His set was, once again, spot on, fluent, and controlled full of uplifting anthems and banging tunes, he really had the crowd by the balls.

By the time you read this, six new tracks of his will be released including a new Q-Tex track. Scot Brown is Scotland’s number one DJ, Scotland’s number one producer, some would argue that his talents beat that in other countries. His talents have, for many months been employed South of the border, now is the time for something different, now is the time for Scott Brown.


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