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Fantazia New Year 1993 Sydney

Sydney, the city at the heat of the dance music scene in Australia was the exotic location for part two of the tour. 

This was followed by a series of other events over the coming year across Australia.

31/12/93 Sydney Leisure Centre - 3000 people
24/04/94 Adelaide Tour Date
08/10/94 Sydney Tour Date - 1500 people


We have available 3 DVDs from this event taken from the original unedited footage. 
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Event Review

There were around 3000 people there and the production was very good, sound, lighting, stage layout etc. Moby put on a wicked show as did the Rat Pack, who went down very well, to quote from a Fantazia profile written for an Australian newspaper,  "They sent the crowd wild."

Easygroove was booked to play at the event but unfortunately due to arrangements all being made at the last minute he was unable to get out there, one to blame apart from the airlines who didnít have enough seats available. For fans of Easygroove he is planning to get out there around April time, apparently Fantazia are planning an 8 day tour of Australia which is bound to take the country by storm, and why not, the country is massive and with the right intentions they could push the scene forward in leaps and bounds.

Several Australian DJís failed to appear which ended up in Paul Holden playing a six hour set. Apart from that everything else went well and the Party, although it was not as busy as they probably would have liked, was regarded as a massive success. Now over to DJ Adrenalin with some views, reviews and details of some of the best tracks in Australia.

Australia Tour Event CDs

New Year 93 SydneySydney Tour 94Melbourne 94Adelaide 94
Gemma / Yap
Pee Wee
Pee Wee / Phantasy pt 1
Crisis / Nick The Fish pt 1
Nick the Fish / PSI pt 2
Phantasy set 2
Paul Holden part 1
Paul Holden part 2
Paul Holden part 3


Graeme Park pt 1
Graeme Park pt 2
Dave Kirkpatrick
Sugar Kay
Graeme Park pt 1
Graeme Park pt 2
Loco part 1
Loco part 2


Madness / ATB
MPK / Ratty
Ratty / Brendon
Grooverider / C4
C4 / Uzi


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