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Fantazia One Step Beyond

25th July 1992, Castle Donnington, Race Track.  This was the big one,  in the height of the Summer Fantazia brought together over  25,000+ people, to stage the Worlds Largest Rave at that time.   At the famous motor racing track the stage was dressed as a Castle with a giant inflatable dragon which appeared in the middle of the night to breath smoke at the stage. 

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Midnight was celebrated with a giant fireworks display.   This is also the only ever rave to be fillmed in length from a helicopter.  Footage of which is now available.  

One Step Beyond - Review 1

My memories, I have so many, the one that will always stick in my mind was One Step Beyond.  Travelling to Leicestershire in the boot of my mates Orion off my box with only 4 cans Stella and 20 number 1 but oh my god when we finally got there it was worth it.   I had never seen so many happy people in one place at any one time, the night just was heaven the music, the people, the drugs (sorry) I didn't want it to end. 

I forgot how many times I freaked out over the fire breathing dragon.  Well all good things must come to an end, the come down I still to this day have never had a come down like that one, for days I felt like shit to be so happy and so its so hard describe the feeling 25,000+ people at one with each no hassle just pure ecstasy. And then it was over happy happy days I wish it didn't end I live in Stroud where a few parties have gone down, trying to relive the Fantazia dream but nothing comes close.  If  I could turn back the clock and do it all over again................ Why did it have to end..... 


One Step Beyond - Review 2

I can remember landing from Tamworth (about 20 miles down the road), to be met by a large queue and always seem to remember whist in the queue music coming out of the main tent and hear an Mc saying that this was the youngest hardcore dj in Britain and that he was only 13 years old or something like that.     Anyway once threw the searches some geezer came up to me by the railings flogging some little fellas (Disco Biscuits, but you don't need to know that!).

Had a chat with him to telling me he had come up from down south and that he always goes to Illusion.   Headed for the main stage, ain't got a clue who was on as the biscuits had started to kick in and all I wanted to do was chat peoples heads off (the buzz was amazing).

Seem to remember a helicopter flying over all the time and just being tranced out by it, anyway ended up pulling myself together and going into the main tent and standing to the front left of the tent and just going mad to to music , always remember Dj Dream (was Pilgrim on in the tent? As am sure he was).

After rushing my tits off for what seemed hours but what was probably half hour I sat down under the back of the tent and tried listening to both the main stage and the tent as you had a nice clear view of the main stage from the back of the tent if you lifted the sides. Some geezer came up to me saying duds , you want some duds? To which I must of said "Yea are they any good?". And my mates pissed themselves laughing at me saying "Duds" And I was like "Yea?"
Then I eventually clicked.

Morning came round just to quick and only remember the last Djs who were Ratpack and thinking who the fuck are they, as had never heard of them, but gotta say played an amazing set at the time.

Have to say again mate was an amazing night and probably would of remembered more if I hadn't of met that geezer from down south



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CDs with MCs

  1. Mickey Finn
  2. Ratpack
  3. Top Buzz
  4. Jim Shaft Ryan
  5. Bad Boy T
  6. Easygroove
  7. Ellis Dee
  8. Pilgrim & Ratty
  9. SS & Seduction
  10. Grooverider
  11. Brian G/ Swann E
  12. Foodjunky
  13. Elliot & MJP
  14. Easygroove Set 2
  15. DJ Master Safe
  16. Donnovan Bassline

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CDs without MCs

  1. Brian G / Energy
  2. SS
  3. Pilgrim / Orca (pt 1)
  4. Orca (pt 2)/ Swann E
  5. Ratpack
  6. Donnovan Bassline
  7. Easygroove / PSI
  8. Mickey Finn
  9. Ratty
  10. Donnovan  / Mickey Finn

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