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Fantasylands 2 12/04/08 Royal Highland Centre

Well, what can we say about that night? Amazing? Outstanding? Superb? How about all three and more! 7,500 people packed out the whole event and danced the night away to the sounds of some of the best DJs and live acts in the world right now.

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The queues started to form almost 2 hours before the doors even opened and as soon as they could hear the first beat drop in the main arena, chills of excitement rushed through everyone’s body! It was a night that done nothing but induce huge smiles and sometimes uncontrollable dancing, it was the stuff that clubbers dreams were made of and the DJs certainly had just as good a time as the attendees! Here’s what everyone had to say about the night, if you were stopped by one of our team then look out coz your quote might appear below!

Below are a collection of what the DJs, acts and members of the crowd said to us on the night:

Let’s start with the Fantazia Main Arena, that had some of Holland and the UK’s finest artistes strutting their stuff on stage.

“Really enjoyed our set, Scotland was banging as usual. Can’t wait to come back!” – Mark, Altern8

“The Scottish crowd is fucking awesome! Thanks to all the crowds for supporting the Showtek sound! We love you and hope to see you soon and we'll definitely kick some more ass. FTS! Cheers!” – Showtek

"Dear Scotland /Edinburgh! You were AMAZING! After 12 years since last playing Edinburgh, that was very special. We never thought that you were into hardstyle that good. Thanks!” – Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo

"It was my first time in Scotland and all I can say to you is that a lot of countries can learn from the party people in Scotland. I really love this crowd and enjoyed it! Hope to see you soon.” – The Viper

"Was an amazing night! For us, this was the first time ever we’ve played in Scotland and we had a great time! Thanks to the party people, the artists and the organisation of Fantasylands that made all this happen. Greetz'n'Beatz from Holland!” – Deepack

"From the first bass kick to the last -the crowd were electric. Fantasylands, I salute you! Peace & Jam!” – Mallorca Lee

“The Edinburgh crowd was out of this world! It’s always great playing on home soil and tonight wasn’t any different. We show the world how to party!” – Graham, Chill FM

“This was definitely the best way to end the night for us playing all the old anthems. The crowd was still strong and the reception we got was amazing, looking at all the people go mental to the tunes from back in the day. Fantasylands was by far the best major event this year so far roll on the next one!!” - DJ Obsession and Bass Generator

Think it’s fair to say that everybody had a great time that performed in the main arena! We had DJs asking us there and then when they could come back and play again for the amazing crowd. You did us proud everybody!

One of the other arenas that had people crammed in right from the start was The Tidy Arena. The brand is synonymous with all things hard dance related and there wasn’t a disappointed face in the sea of people all night. Here’s what some of your favourites had to say about their experience at Fantasylands Spring Music Festival.

“Fantasylands lived up to the hype as Scotland never fails to impress!! Great crowd, electric atmosphere! Bring on Coloursfest!” – The Tidy Boys

“Tape packs alone from Fantazia were the soundtrack to my youth. To actually attend an event would be a big deal, so to play a peak time set alongside legends like Mark EG really is surreal! The amazing sound system, production and vibe made me feel like I hadn’t missed out first time round anymore! Definitely a highlight of my year so far!” – Kutski (Radio 1)

“Fantasylands was simply rocking, great crowd from start to finish, bring on Coloursfest....’ere we Fooking go!” – The Tidy DJs

“Was a great buzz playing the Main Stage and Nuklear Puppy room at the last Fantasylands but playing for Tidy this time was awesome too! Home turf gigs are always special!” – Mark Sherry

“One of the best gigs we've ever played in Scotland!” – Phil York & Jason Cortez

Now, what did you lot have to say about it?….

“That was amazing! First time at an event at Ingliston, seriously impressed! Wish it went on for more than 12 hours, when’s the next one? I want it now!” – Lisa, 22, Penicuik

“Just seen Showtek in the Main Arena – wow!! They lived up to the hype and more! The weather has stayed dry and I’m as happy as can be right now!” – Paul, 19, Greenock

“Haven’t left The Tidy Arena all night, there hasn’t been one bad set in there so far. The legend that is Rob Tiserra played some of the most blinding tunes out there just now, he looked like he loved every minute of it! Can I get back to bouncing about now?” – Gavin, 21, Paisley

“I’m so glad I came to this tonight, anybody that didn’t make it has missed out on one of the highlights of 2008 so far. I love seeing good Scottish acts showing everyone how to have a good time, Chill FM were amazing! The atmosphere is brilliant tonight, I can’t stop dancing or smiling!” – Angela, 26, Dundee

“I won tickets through a newspaper and I nearly went through the roof with excitement when I got the phone call to let me know I’d won! I’ve been to a lot of raves and events in my time but this definitely has to be the best one I’ve been to in years. Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo were pure genius! Well chuffed I finally got to see them in my home town!” – Jason, 24, Loanhead

The promoters of the event had some night as well. Some made their Fantasylands debut and others were back for a second slice of the action.

“Another rip-roaring success! Every DJ I’ve spoken to say that the crowd up here is fantastic, everybody has had a great night, myself included! Big thanks to everyone that attended.” – Ricky Magowan, Fantasylands Promoter

“Great venue, atmosphere and crowd made for a 100% successful event. After travelling for four hours my expectations were high and I wasn't disappointed. We have a great relationship with the Scottish crowd and I can't wait to be back again soon” – Sara Gleadhall, Tidy Promoter

“We’ve had a fantastic night at Fantasylands, our tent has been one in, one out all night long. Everyone has had a fantastic time; the only thing I think I could’ve asked for was a bigger arena! It’s been superb – thanks very much!” – Davie Draeger, Luvely Promoter

Fantasylands Spring Music Festival was a great night, from clubbers to DJs to the promoters involved; there wasn’t a bad word to be said all night! Ready to do it all again in November? Can you wait that long?…….

Event information

Fantasylands 2 the Spring Music Festival was held on the 12/04/08 at The Royal Highland Centre once again.   The main arena was hosted by Fantazia and there were 4 supporting arena.

Fantasylands 2 - Spring Music Festival 2008
Saturday 12th April, 6pm - 6am, Royal Highland Centre, Ingilston, Edinburgh

Fantazia Main Arena:Arena 2 - TidyArena 3 - Musika


Arena 4 - LuvelyVIP - Kissdafunk Other Attractions
MICHAEL  paterson
MC'S MADMAN, LOCO, KORRUPT + Many more guest MCs

April 2008 sees the return of Fantasylands and its bigger, better and bouncier than last time! The Royal Highland Centre and Showground is ready to be brought to life again as 12,500 clubbers descend upon the normally peaceful site. Fantasylands Winter Music Festival was the biggest thing to hit Edinburgh in 2007 so it’s time it crashed back into town! With 5 arenas, 6 live acts and 45 artists spread over 12 hours, Fantasylands Spring Music Festival will get the 2008 festival season off to a banging start. With the addition of some new arenas and a more diverse line up, there is definitely something to keep everybody in the great Scottish clubbing fraternity happy. The sounds of old & new and house & hardcore will be heard for miles around as Edinburgh parties on into the night at Fantasylands Spring Music Festival 2008!

The main arena will once again be run by hardcore event legends, Fantazia. There has yet to be a Fantazia event that isn’t a rip roaring success, they have been responsible for so many events at Braehead Arena and had the Royal Highland Centre packed to the rafters at Fantasylands 2007. This time they are back with a bang as they bring along some of hardcore’s prodigies, N-Joi (Anthem), Digital Boy (1-2-3 Acid!), Q-Tex (Power of Love), The Rhythmic State (In The Music), Lethal Theory (Motivate/Rock The Dance Floor) and Chill FM (Strobelight) are all set to tingle your ear drums. Alongside DJ sets from Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (DJ Mental Theo has recently been celebrating a number 1 hit as part of Basshunter with ‘Now You’re Gone’), Frankie Bones, Showtek, Digital Boy, Deepack, The DJ Viper, Scott Brown, Bass Generator, Obsession & DJ Twista, and of course the night wouldn’t be complete without the addition of MC’s Madman, Loco and Korrupt. The sound of Fantazia is the stuff that dreams are made of; only difference is you don’t need to be asleep to hear it!

Arena 2 is being taken over by hard dance stalwarts, Tidy. The name may suggest cleanliness, but make no doubt about it that this arena is going to be a very messy affair! No Tidy Arena at any festival is complete without the creators of the madness, The Tidy Boys. They have been on the scene for nearly 2 decades and they have built up one of the most recognised brands in dance music. Having created relationships with some of the best names in the business, they are bringing their friends to their very own arena at Fantasylands. Rob Tissera, Mark EG, Amber D, Kutski, Mark Sherry, Tidy DJs, Phil & Jason, Morgan and Rodi Style are your entertainers for the evening as they bang out the most thumping beats you’re ever likely to hear. Keep it Tidy!

Arena 3 is playing host to the biggest success story to come out of Edinburgh in years, Musika. As the spawn of Progression little over a year ago it has gone to become one of the most popular and respected nights in Edinburgh. Headlining the arena are the liveliest duo in house music, The Trophy Twins. You can guarantee that they are going to keep everybody’s dancing shoes in action, and that’s including their own! Micky Slim and Funkagenda add to the all-star guest line up plus a set from the man behind the magic of Musika, Derek Martin. Giovanni Ferri, Neil Bartley, Marco Smith, Warner Powers and The Notsodirty DJs complete the bill on what is guaranteed to be the funkiest, dirtiest house music tent Edinburgh has ever seen.

Back by popular demand to host Arena 4 is Luvely, the Edinburgh based dance night that keeps going from strength to strength. It was nearly impossible to move in the Luvely tent at Fantasylands Winter Music Festival 2007, so they are back for a bigger slice of the action. It’s gay-friendly policy and themed nights each month has put it on the forefront of the Edinburgh club scene. There’s no better way to continue the success story of Luvely than hosting their own arena at Fantasylands again. Tommy Kay, Dean Newton, Grum Stone, Jared, Jon Edwards, Brett King and Gregsta are the men behind the decks for the duration of the night. There’s no way that you’ll leave this arena disappointed!

Those people lucky (and clever!) enough to scoop a VIP ticket will be treated to the sensational sounds of Kissdafunk. This northern club night that was launched 4 years ago and has since gone on to be awarded ‘Best Club Night in the North’ by numerous dance music publications. Co-created by hard dance legend Rob Tissera, he started something special as almost every superstar DJ in the world has played for Kissdafunk in the last 4 years. He is headlining his very own VIP arena at Fantasylands and is bringing some of his residents with him too. The Trophy Twins and Filthy Rich have helped raise the roof on so many occasions for Kissdafunk in Leeds & Ibiza and we have no doubt they will do the same in Edinburgh. Of course the VIP area wouldn’t be the same without that little injection of madness from the Colours DJs Jon Mancini, Kris Keegan, Michael Paterson, Ricky Reid and Claudio. Any thought you had of chilling out in the VIP area will be impossible as the beats will guarantee your bum doesn’t touch the seat!

This event is the first dance festival in Scotland for 2008 and we know that it will get things off to a cracking start! Whether you’re a cheesy quaver, house-head or hardcore bunny, there’s something at Fantasylands Spring Music Festival to keep you dancing all night long. If the last Fantasylands is anything to go by then we strongly recommend you snap up your tickets fast, we’d hate to see anyone disappointed! As a special treat we are giving 1 lucky person £250 – if they have the best outfit on! We’ll have scouts out all night to find the best cyber costume or fancy dress so get your outfits looked out pronto!

This April there’s only one place to be – Fantasylands Spring Music Festival 2008!!

Tickets £42.50 available in all shops from Monday 18th February 2008

VIP Tickets £60.00 available from Monday 18th February 2008. Only available from Ticket Scotland, Glasgow and Ticket Scotland, Edinburgh



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