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Fantazia Second Sight

22nd February 1992, Westpoint Centre, Nr Exeter, 5000 people

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IT WASN'T quite the "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" concert that caused such consternation in the free and easy 1960s.  But the massive pay party at Exeter that attracted more than 5000 ravers from all over Britain at the weekend had a distinctly hippy feel about it.

And in an era when a punch up is more than not often the end to an evening's entertainment at the pub or nightclub the no alcohol event at Westpoint was free of violence.  Neither was there any arrests for drug offences - though the police did seize substances from some party goers. Psychedelic laser effects, non-stop deafening music and the occasional whiff of cannabis suggested the 1990s "Ravers" would not have been out of place at the flower-power parties of 30 years ago.

All types of dress from sequinned bras and micro-mini hot pants to luminous shirts and jeans were on show.  Entertainment came from dancing "robots" and a 40 ft wide suspended octopus.

Charismatic 22 years-old organiser James believes the ravers have a certain inner confidence and a simple desire to enjoy themselves, which prevents trouble breaking out.  "You don't get that element that is attracted by drink, because there isn't any.  People just come here to have fun.  There is no animosity and they don't want any trouble" he said.  "They will travel hundreds of miles to attend a Rave.  It is a chance to dance all night and meet people from all over the country."

Police on stand-by duty at the event were pleasantly surprised at the reception they received from youngsters.  One senior officer said "Usually at something like this when you walk around in uniform somebody will make a snide remark, but here we have been greeted in an openly friendly manner by everyone.  It seems like a very nice event.  It is good to see young people enjoying themselves."

Mr Perkins is keen that raves should have a clean image and through tight security and even alerting the police to offenders himself he hopes to win over his opposers.   Despite his youth he has been organising major functions for the last six years, starting off with black tie dos at his public school in Cheltenham before spreading country-wide.

He sees the Westpoint venue with its easy access and good facilities as the ideal spot for raves and already he is negotiating to state up to a further six there this year.   If Friday's 100,000 bash was anything to go by he should not have any shortage of takers.  One would-be raver was so desperate to attend the 12 hour event after missing his coach, that he got his mother to drive him 250 miles to the venue.

Second Sight Event CDs

  1. Top Buzz pt 1
  2. Top Buzz pt 2
  3. Ellis Dee pt 1
  4. Ellis Dee pt 2
  5. Slipmatt
  6. Donnavan Bassline / Ratty
  7. SY
  8. Lomas
  9. Easygroove

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